With the support of and Lumity this year we are going BIG.

This means that you are going to see a media campaign like nothing before – so you won’t want to miss out of this great free advertising opportunity to generate new clients for your spa!

The campaign promotes the benefits of regular spa attendance for wellness and wellbeing. Just like people go regularly to the gym for physical health, we want people to view regular attendance of spa the same way for mental health.

It is free to take part, although since is the official booking partner you will need to register your exclusive NSW package offer with them here. 

Already part of the family?

All you need to do is give them a package that fits one of the criteria below and they will do everything their end to ensure that your spa and your exclusive packages are promoted far and wide. The more creative the package the better!

So, to ensure we are all complementing the UKSA mission statement, they are asking for a day spa and/or residential package from you that fits one, or both, of the requirements below:

  1. An exclusive day spa or residential package that has a minimum of 20% off (perceived value, but please understand we will be checking to ensure these prices are transparent and fair)
  2. An exclusive spa day package that allows the customer to bring a friend for free (use of facilities and lunch only. If the friend wants a treatment or any extras then they will have to pay for that)

As always do encourage that these packages are available to book through their online portal, but understand that for those of you that aren’t using the portal that validity through the call centre is just fine. They recommend the packages are available to book during the week itself, with a travel period of around 3 months after.


Please contact  to confirm your package or for further information



You will increase your chances of getting additional clients through National Spa Week if you go over and above to promote your involvement in your local area too.

To help you do this we have provided a marketing pack here.

Don’t forget to also display the National Spa Week logo on your website