Courtesy of The Raithwaite Estate Spa, N Yorks

As a member of The UK Spa Association you will have access to “The Spa Line”. This is an unlimited use service allowing any member to ask a question via email and to have a response within 48 hours from one of our panel of experts. 

Your question can be about anything:-

  • How to deal with a particular staff problem
  • How to handle a difficult client situation
  • Where to hire the best therapists
  • What is the best commission structure to use
  • Assistance with a Marketing Promotion

 . . . anything you want!

Your question will be passed on to the most relevant expert who will either email you or contact you by phone in case a little more of a discussion is required. 
The information and advice will be one-to-one and kept confidential, however we may ask if we can use the fact you have asked a particular question to create a general article or resource.

The Spa Line is ONLY available to UK Spa Association Members.

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