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National Spa Week Marketing Pack!

Thank you for registering your spa, salon or spa related business and supporting National Spa Week 2018.

To help you get the most out of this year’s event we have put together a marketing pack containing a variety of assets to get you started in your own National Spa Week promotions.

The spas that have sold the most packages in previous National Spa Weeks and suppliers who have seen the biggest ROI for getting involved, are the ones that go over and above in promoting what they are doing as part of the week in their local area.

So to help you we have provided a number of National Spa Week branded assets that others have found useful in the past, so that you can maximise your participation in National Spa Week too.

  • ·Posters(editable) – to advertise your NSW package in-house or in your local area
  • ·Empty Belly Poster Templates– print them off and write your own messages in them
  • ·Flyers– give out to existing clients to ‘tell a friend’ about your NSW offers
  • ·Promotional vouchers– to ensure a NSW client returns again in the future
  • ·E-shot templates – to email your existing database about your NSW offers – especially if they are ‘friend goes free’ offers.
  • ·Press Releasetemplate (plus instructions on how to engage your local press editor if you are running a NSW charity or wellness event)
  • ·Social Media Header– (show your support for NSW by changing your social media header to one of our pre-sized banners)
  • ·‘I’m in’ photo frame – artwork to print your own foamex frame to use when taking NSW selfies and promotional photo’s
  • ·Banner Ads– (use these on your website to promote National Spa Week to your clients and customers)
  • ·Logos– (To add to your website, email signature or social media to show you support NSW)
  • ·Ideasfor NSW Events/Promotions/Fundraising


Whatever you do, use National Spa Week as the basis of all your Q4 activity in your 2018 promotional calendar. That’s one less thing to have to worry about this year!

Marketing Pack

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