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The Swiss Pedicure System

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Treatment Focus: MAVEX Calluspeeling;

MAVEX Calluspeeling was the first professional treatment launched by MAVEX Switzerland in 2009. It is now available in over 30 countries through distributors across the World, including the UK.

From the beginning MAVEX were a brand focussed on results and we are often told by our clients that MAVEX Calluspeeling gives the best results of any callous remover they have ever used. This is no surprise to us; our product has been rigorously tested with proven results; important in an industry that relies on results to succeed and secure repeat business.

If you want to give your clients the best spa pedicure results, save time in your salon and increase profitability of pedicures, then you need to be using MAVEX Calluspeeling. This is particularly prevalent for a spa that is claiming to be a ‘Medi Spa’ offering ‘Medi Pedis’. The only callous remover you should be using for a Medi Pedi is MAVEX Calluspeeling because it is the only one that is an Approved Medical Device.

There are various ways that MAVEX Calluspeeling can be incorporated into a spa or salon business. It can be listed as a treatment in its own right, with the add-on being the type of polish such as standard or gel polish. Or it can be listed as an add-on treatment, to a pedicure.

As an approved Medical Device MAVEX Calluspeeling conforms fully to European standards and carries the distinctive CE conformity mark. This means that the product has gone through specific testing by the Swiss Medics Regulatory Authority, over a period of 24 months to ensure it complies with European standards of manufacture, quality, life-span and that the product works and obtains the results as claimed by the manufacturer. This status also means that the product cannot be sold or marketed as a cosmetic product and it must, by EU law state that it is a Medical Device on the packet.

The word ‘approved’ is important, and needs to be distinguished from the word ‘registered’ when speaking about Medical Devices, and in particular when speaking about callous removal products because there is often confusion about what these terms mean.

If something is ‘registered’ as a Medical Device, rather than ‘approved’, it most often means that the product is manufactured outside of the EEA where the EU regulators have no jurisdiction or power to test that it complies with EU regulations. In basic terms it means the product cannot be sold as a cosmetic and can’t be marketed as an ‘approved’ Medical Device either. In these cases, the importer of the product is required to ‘register’ themselves with the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority; the MHRA.

The effectiveness of MAVEX Calluspeeling is down to the unique combination of active, natural ingredients; a mix of Lactic and Glycolic Acid with Sodium Hydroxide, which when applied brings the pH level of the skin on the feet up to a pH of 13. In very basic terms MAVEX Calluspeeling is simply dissolving the enzymes that cause dead skin cells to stick together and build up over time.

After Calluspeeling has been on the feet for 15 minutes, it will have made the nasty hard skin ‘mushy’ and softened it, which can then be removed using a simple plastic scraper tool. No drills or blades required. The feet are then smoothed with a file, and wiped clean with water using a warm damp towel.

After drying the feet, MAVEX Daily Care Foot Cream is massaged into the feet. This cream is specially formulated to penetrate deeply into the tougher skin on the soles of the feet. The high urea content of the cream enables this and means the skin is also not left greasy or slippy, an important factor when considering foot cream. The Daily Care Foot Cream can also be retailed to clients for home care to help prolong the results and to slow the formation of dead skin.

If you’re planning to revolutionise your pedicure offering in 2018, then MAVEX Calluspeeling should be given serious consideration. To order or for more information and prices, email or call Alison Dalton on 07854 237903 .


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