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May 2019
Welcome to May's edition of Spa Voice . . .
Goodness - the questions and ideas posed in the articles in this months edition prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that things are moving fast within our industry and our biggest challenge is probably being able to keep up AND keep smart!
How do we reduce the gender gap of only 29% males compared to 71% females in spa in the next few years? How do we ensure safe regulatory standards for ever evolving aesthetics treatments on the market? Technology...it's fast becoming public enemy no. 1 in terms of mental health, but at the same time it can very much be our friend for more profitable businesses. Companies that have adopted changes in their working environment are now starting to see results in the production of quality work, minimising sick days and creating an enjoyable working environment, but how do we ensure senior leaders get their data led proof of the financial ROI of implementing internal 'Wellness Programmes'?
Oh and by the way - with everything our industry has to offer now - is the word 'spa' the correct all encompassing term to use when talking to the public anymore? We now talk about centres of wellness....but how do we make the shift in terms of language and branding so that consumers 'get it'?
If any of these conundrums are affecting your business at the moment then read on!
And finally, as always, we provide all the information you need, in one place, about upcoming key events in the industry calendar.
Julia Leone
Spa Voice Editor

Re-Branding Spa into Wellness
by Hannah Briggs - University of Derby
When you hear the word ‘spa’, what do you think of? I asked a friend, who is not in the industry but is a keen spa goer this question, they answered ‘relaxation and luxury’. When I asked them the same question about wellness, they answered ‘looking after and maintaining my mental and physical state’. Now, this is just one person’s perception. One consumer of the spa and wellness industry. However, just because it is one person in this instance, doesn’t mean a lot of other consumers aren’t thinking the same thing.

Spas Vs Wellness Centres: Who Dares Wins

For a long time now in the UK, Spas have been something of a luxury, a treat, perhaps even an elitist activity. Sometimes linked with the glamorous ‘ladies who lunch’ stereotype, or the footballers and celebrities. However, as spas have started to become more and more accessible, we see a diverse array of guests coming in and out of our doors every day. Granted, for a lot of people, a spa day or break is still very much a luxury or a treat, but why is this? We don’t hesitate to go to our GP when we feel under the weather, we don’t hesitate to go to our dentist when we have toothache, so why is it that when we have back pains or leg tension, we deem it an unnecessary expenditure to have a massage? Perhaps it’s because we cannot see it? Perhaps it’s because of the stigma surrounding spa goers and how expensive it is? But if we were told we needed fillings or other dental work, we’d pay for it, right? 

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Men in Spa's
by Brigita Kliucinskaite - University of Derby

The Spa industry, valued at 119 billion US dollars in 2018, is a leader in revenue growth in the whole wellness industry with the average annual growth of 9.8% since 2015.

However, it still remains to be the industry with the highest gender gap at a surprising share of only 29% of male customers compared to 71% of female customers in the United Kingdom. In addition to that, according to industry research, 80% of all males that decide to use the Spa only choose to come with their romantic partner. Females, on the contrary, prefer to relax with a friend or alone while some men still see relaxing alone in the Spa as . . 

News . . .

Habia/SkillsActive have been working with industry experts and regulators nationwide to develop a suite of National Occupational Standards (NOS) for Aesthetic Treatments. 

Initial research began February 2018. Expert working groups of industry professionals reviewed the standards for electrocautery, radio frequency, laser and light, superficial skin peeling, micro needling, micropigmentation and advanced micropigmentation. The wide range of industry experts developed the standards to ensure they meet the needs of employers, educators and learners. 


Will technology disrupt the spa industry?
by Aija Rozenberga - University of Derby

We have become an open book for algorithms. Your smart mattress may know more about your health than your GP. If you have a smart kettle that talks to Alexa, it may as well chat to a hacker on the other side of the world. 

'Digitalization' is changing the way we do everything at unprecedented speeds across all households, organisations and businesses in the developed world and the spa industry is no exception.

Without a doubt, various innovations allow us to learn better, reach our goals faster, communicate across continents and make fewer mistakes. Official media channels constantly remind us about the benefits of innovations and symbiotic relationships with smart technologies which could take us beyond our wildest dreams. We are expected to merge with technology in the near future, apparently.

However, challenges and threats of technological advancement are mostly discussed in scientific circles, behind closed doors, remaining a controversial topic. A growing body of scientific literature documents evidence of non-thermal cellular damage from non-ionizing wireless radiation used in telecommunications. Scientists are warning against growing health concerns related to, for example, 5G technologies needed to facilitate further innovations and the . . . . 
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by Christine-Alice Hartigan

May day! May day! In this month’s blog I’llbe talking about the importance of getting the right nutrients into your body and what to be aware of when selecting your foods!
Why is this important?
The most important element for ensuring good health is food.  Learning about the foods we put into our bodies and what foods are good for each of us individually is key. Every person will ultimately have a different reaction to foods based on DNA make-up and ancestry. Also some people who are finding intolerances to certain foods may not necessarily be intolerancesto the foods they think they are. In some cases, intolerances can be reversed through detoxing, fasting or eliminating the foods causing the reaction. Some people could actually reverse these intolerances with detoxing the body through fasting or reverting to eating foods which do not have these elements within them. 
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There's less than a month to go until Beauty UK Show!

Every year Birmingham welcomes thousands of beauty professionals to Beauty UK, held at the NEC. The largest beauty trade show outside of London with four shows under one roof, visitors have the opportunity to see the latest launches and enjoy free educational experiences. 
Join us for this years National Spa Director Assembly hosted at Beauty UK on Monday 20th May at the NEC. The UK Spa Associations Spa Directors' Assemblies provide the ideal forum to keep up-to-date with the latest industry trends and share ideas and best practice with your peers. With allocated allowance for networking with brands and peers, a networking lunch; the assembly meets to discuss key issues from the spa industry. 
We have an actioned packed agenda for you to come along and join in with us on the day covering topics such as Future spa in education and Modern marketing methods that's are taking over in 2019 plus our Spa Director Assembly hosted by our Chair, Lisa Barden.
To book your place for the national spa director assembly, email manager@spa-uk.org 
 Register for Beauty UK tickets http://www.beautyukshow.com/register.jsp


The National Spa Marketing Conference
- Low Wood Bay & Resort - Thursday 16th May 2019 -

For tickets and more information please CLICK HERE

Active Uprising
Are you looking to enhance your spa and wellness facility with a larger fitness and leisure offering? Then you need to send your leisure teams to attend ukactive's flagship event, Active Uprising on June 6 at Manchester Central, for a valuable day of education around the physical activity and leisure sector. All UKSA members will receive the ukactive member discount for conference and Awards Dinner tickets.

Please enter the code 'UKASPA' upon purchase. 

Click here for more information on the conference schedule and to purchase tickets.

UK Spa Association - Spa Director Assemblies 

National - Monday 20th May 14:00-15:30pm at NEC, Birmingham 
London - September TBC 
South West - Thursday 19th September at Fistral Beach 
North - Wednesday 16th October at Carden Park 
Scotland - October TBC 
Spa Director Assemblies are by invitation only, for more information email manager@spa-uk.org
UK Spa Association Networking events:

Summer Event - 16th September at South Lodge,
Horsham, West Sussex

Upcoming Industry Events for 2019
  • Beauty UK 19th and 20th May 2019 (Birmingham NEC)

  • SPATEC Europe - SPATEC 2019 will be held at the Grand Hotel Dino in Baveno, Italy from the 19th - 22nd June

The location, situated besides the picturesque Lago Maggiore, provides the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy the region’s beautiful lakes, mountains and natural parks - fitting for an event crafted specifically for spa, wellness, and beauty professionals!
Participating delegates enjoy a full programme consisting of meals, receptions and activities, designed to facilitate talking business, building relationships, and the cross-sharing of ideas and best practices. This includes two dedicated days for face-to-face meetings between attending buyers and suppliers.
Every hosted buyer is provided with the profiles of each of the attending suppliers well in advance, allowing you to strategically prioritise and pre-select the suppliers you wish to meet the most. From there, we will devise and provide you with a personalised meeting schedule with those suppliers most relevant to you and your business.
If you feel that you could benefit from attending SPATEC Europe as a hosted buyer, please confirm your interest by applying online at this link – SPATEC Europe 2019 Hosted Buyer Application.

Dates for Spa Life International Conventions 2019
·       Ireland - 13th - 14th May
·       Germany: 4th - 5th June
·       U.K.: 11th - 12th November

NEW Salon Life 

Salon Life 2019 will be held at the ILEC Conference Centre in London on the 8th July

Salon life is the newest event for the UK's dynamic beauty sector, bringing together salon professionals from all aspects of the industry, operators, suppliers, consultants, educators and media. Salon life will provide salon professionals with an unparalleled combination of exposure to new product innovations; shared industry insights; extensive networking opportunities and management education.


Professional Beauty Group launches Salon & Spa Networking Forum in Birmingham
by Katherine Cox

After the success of networking events at the Professional Beauty exhibitions in London and Manchester, organiser Professional Beauty Group is launching a standalone networking forum in Birmingham for salon and spa professionals across the hair, beauty and wellness sectors.
Designed to help individuals tackle the difficulties they face within their businesses, the Salon & Spa Networking Forum will enable business operators to share challenges, ideas and solutions among like-minded professionals and industry experts, giving them the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others and find support that may not otherwise be available. 
The dedicated networking meeting will be held on Monday 1stJuly 2019 in Central Birmingham. UK Spa Association members can book tickets for just £15 per person( a 25% discount on the standard price), and attendees have the option to choose from taking part in a morning session from 10.30-12.30 or an afternoon session from 13.30-15.30. Discussions will take place in a round table format hosted by industry experts and focused around central topics such as improving customer loyalty, staff retention, boosting profits and more.
In addition to the round tables, operators will have an opportunity to speak one-on-one with fellow industry figures – a chance to build valuable connections and reflect on the structured discussions.
Tickets include either coffee and a light lunch for the morning session or Afternoon Tea for the afternoon session. 
Find more information on the Professional Beauty website or book your discounted ticket here for just £15 using the discount code UKSA25.
Entrance policy: Open only to trade and professional visitors over the age of 18. Suppliers will not be permitted entry unless they are sponsors of the event. 

A Note from the Chair . . 
by Lisa Barden - UKSA Chair
There are many sexy headlines across social media designed by smart marketeers to grab your attention away from your ‘usual’ swipe left/right routine in order to draw you into their product or service. Instagram - how many times have you been drawn into a flash on your phone whilst posting your pictures? Or standing in the Underground waiting for a tube and you have a billboard convincing you to change milk brand from the one you’ve always used in favour of their quirkier, nuttier, healthier and cooler new brand? And who isn’t able to immediately sing out the name of the jolly opera singer or talking dog’s insurance companies?.

If these everyday items that are generally regarded as quite dull to engage with but can be recalled in an instant, surely an industry that is quirkier, healthier and cooler should easily grab you away from your usual routine? It’s about us singing the praises of the spa industry and its wider health benefits for each and every one of us. We have enviable locations, innovative treatments, the experience of beautiful design and relaxing surroundings with easy ‘Instagram-able’ pictures that can immediately reach millions. 
If you haven’t already, make sure you check out our new look website here to find out more about our strategic priorities.