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September 2019
The summer of 2018 was a tough one to beat but scorching sunshine producing consistent record breaking temperatures have delighted us all once again this year. Emerging from yet another heatwave, the second for the UK this year it is certainly a happier place when you can travel light on days out.

Umbrellas have been up at festivals and county fairs across the land over the past weeks providing shade rather than shelter. Children have been slathered in SPF as they run about in the park and families content that their staycation worked out on the UK coastline.

The end of August gives way to a new academic year, the second chance in the year for resolutions and a time to set new goals before Santa visits (we dare not mention the C word yet!)

Christine-Alice Hartigan, UKSA Vice chair opens this month’s newsletter with a discussion about meditation in the workplace and shares tips on good mental health.  A recharge room in your workplace could provide a quiet space for individuals to take a moment. Time out to get back on track to ensure they continue to deliver their A game.

With wellness being high on everyone’s list, it is interesting to learn that ‘Wellness Starts in the Womb’ Terri Irvin, Owner & Founder of Bump & Beyond informs us that providing treatments for ‘mums to be’ is far more beneficial than just preventing stretch marks and reducing swollen ankles.   

Jules Willcocks, co-founder Body Ballancer Systems UK Ltd shares her knowledge of the lymphatic system, the least understood and most undervalued of all the body systems. Her feature on our internal waste disposable system will remind you of the valuable part it plays in our wellbeing.  

There are only a few days to go before our Summer networking event and National Spa Directors Assembly – South Lodge Monday 16thSeptember. Make sure you are booked to join your peers and hear the latest from the UKSA team.

With World Wellness Weekend in September and Spa Fest returning in October there are many excuses to get back on your wellbeing track.

Jean-Paul Blissett & Clare Dickens 
Spa Voice Editors

Should Employers Allow Time and Space for Meditation?
by Christine- Alice Hartigan
Following on from my previous workplace wellness articles, I feel that it is important to keep this current and in thought. Realisation of our place in the world, reflection, mindfulness and meditation are all good ways to keep a positive mental attitude, but is this being lost by the sense of being far too busy and is the work life balance out of equilibrium! 

In the first instance I thought it would be beneficial to define what the difference is between meditation and mindfulness.

“Meditation isn’t about becoming a different person, a new person, or even a better person. It’s about training in awareness and getting a healthy sense of perspective. You’re not trying to turn off your thoughts or feelings. You’re learning to observe them without judgment. And eventually, you may start to better understand them as well.”

“Mindfulness is the ability to be present, to rest in the here and now, fully engaged with whatever we’re doing in the moment”. 
- www.headspace.com

Click below to find out more about the benefits of meditation and how and why to introduce meditation to the workplace . . 

Wellness Starts in the Womb

by Terri Irvin, Owner & Founder of Bump & Beyond

Spa; what does it mean to you? To many, it’s described as a “haven that promotes wellbeing”.  A place to resolve aches and pains, stresses and skin concerns. A retreat for relaxation and a place to unwind and ‘find yourself’.  It would appear that the role of the spa is largely reactive. But could it also be proactive in preventing physical and mental ailments in the first place? And to who? It’s currently uncommon to find many treatments designed for pregnant women and their partners. Typically, if treatments are available, they might be targeted at expectant mothers late within their second or third trimester of pregnancy.  

Becoming a parent can be pricey. It is understandable that expectant parents would consider their personal wellbeing to be a ‘low priority’ expense. However, the mothers’ physical and mental wellness has a direct and determining influence on the likelihood of a positive birth outcome and the overall health of the baby.


An Introduction to the Lymphatic System
by Jules Willcocks, co-founder Body Balancer Systems UK Ltd
What is the lymphatic system?
The lymphatic system is responsible for the absorption, transportation and elimination of excess fluid from the body, and with it an array of toxins, metabolic waste, bacteria and other pathogens. It is the least understood and most undervalued of all the body systems, yet if it stopped working we would die within 24-48 hours!

What is lymph and where does it come from?
Lymph starts life as blood plasma – the clear, straw coloured liquid that makes up almost half our blood volume, and which is responsible for transporting platelets, red and white blood cells and over 700 proteins around the body. 

During its circulatory journey, some plasma will leak from the capillaries to bathe the nearby tissues and organs in its nutrient-rich liquid - now known as interstitial fluid. The consumption of these nutrients produces metabolic waste, which is . . 

See You at The Summer Networking Event . . 

Hopefully you've already signed up for our Summer Networking Event.

South Lodge, Horsham, West Sussex on 16th September 2019

Networking event is 10:30am - 3:30pm

National Spa Directors Assembly 3:45pm - 5pm (Operator only attendance)

With VERY limited tickets now available, this is your last chance to join us for high level networking, inspiring speakers and be the first to hear about a number of exciting announcements we have including the launch of our major new national campaign "Work for Wellness". You will also have the opportunity to see and experience a stunning new spa for the UK.
For more information email our General Manager, Helena Grzesk

World Wellness Weekend

How will your spa celebrate World Wellness Weekend? 21st & 22nd September 2019? 

Your unique opportunity to showcase to your community, all the wonderful activities and services that your spa offers. 
Sign your spa up for FREE

Spafest 2019

The UK Spa Association are delighted to partner with SpaFest this year! 

WHERE IS IT: St Michael’s Resort, Falmouth, Cornwall. 
Monday 7thOctober – SpaFest Wellbeing Bootcamp and Networking Dinner
Tuesday 8th– Wednesday 9thOctober – the Main Event! 

A meaningful gathering about Wellness for those running the Wellness Industry which looks at: 
People, Planet and Health

WHO IS IT FOR?Hotel Owners, Directors, Spa Directors and Managers, Spa & Wellness Consultants, Business Owners & anyone interested in the Spa & Wellness World who have an awareness of the benefits of CSR (Corporate & Social Responsibility)

To book your place or for more information please contact spa.fest@madeforlifeorganics.com  or alternatively call 01326 221777.

Spa Life 2019

The event that puts wellness professionals first
The Spa Life International UK Convention 2019 is a celebration of excellence and innovation in the spa and wellness industry, with a unique focus on education and self-development.

Now in its 10th year, no other event places such a strong emphasis on nurturing the community of spa professionals who make our sector what it is. Over the course of two days we empower you to raise the bar in wellness by helping you grow your product offering, your networks and your management skills and knowledge. 

We believe wellness begins with the people delivering it, so we focus on what spa professionals like you need to create exceptional wellness experiences. That way, we can all play our part in setting a new standard of excellence for customers.
Over the two days you’ll enjoy the following in a relaxed, professional environment:
·       1-2-1 product demonstrations and peer networking
·       Showcases of the latest trends and innovations
·       Industry insight from a host of expert speakers
·       Education seminars and workshops to develop your skills

Join us in raising the bar in wellness
Spa Life UK 2019 takes place from the 11-12 November at the Hilton DoubleTree Hotel, Paradise Way, Coventry, CV2 2ST.

The Conference will be held on Tuesday 12th November and has an outstanding line up of speakers dedicated to the themes of:
(i)  Leadership
(ii) How To Monetise 'Wellness'

Our Conference programme has been developed to improve the quality of management education to the UK's diverse and rapidly developing spa and wellness sector.
Opening Keynote Address: - 9.15am
Breakout Sessions: run from 10.30am - 3.00pm
Hot Seat Symposium: 3.00pm - 4.00pm
The Conference will finish at approx 4.30pm
UK Spa Association members are entitied to special discounts allowing you to save money on the price of your ticket. Use the following codes when booking:-

UKSA-CONF  (£20 off the Conference only ticket)
UKSA-PREM  (£20 off the Premium ticket)
UKSA-GALA   (£20 off the Gala Dinner ticket)
To book your place at the largest specialist spa and wellness convention in the UK event calendar click here


A Note from the Chair . . .
"First comes thought; then organisation of that thought, in to ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans in to reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination."
- Napoleon Hill 

Napoleon Hill could have written this quote specifically about the UK Spa Association over the last few months. We can't wait to share with you some BIG announcements at our Summer Networking Event at South Lodge Hotel and Spa in less than 2 weeks time. 

We've taken your frustrations that have been discussed and shared at our own networking events, industry conferences and our Spa Directors Assemblies and organised, idea'd and planned those frustrations in to some very exciting initiatives which will be starting soon. All of which are designed to actually tackle the major issues facing our members and our industry.

The time for talk is over, the time for action is now and we think you will be as excited as we are when we share, not only our plans, but the actions we've already taken. 

If you haven't yet booked your space for the Summer Networking Event then make it your very next task, there are only a few tickets left and you wouldn't want your competition to be the first to know what's coming before you do  . . . right! 😉


Adam Chatterley
Chairman of the UK Spa Association