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June 2019
Welcome to June's edition of Spa Voice . . .

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Welcome to June!

I've taken over the reigns of the UK Spa Association's newsletter this month, but don't worry there isn't a video of me in sight, rather four incredible industry professionals have provided exclusive content articles just for us.

The spa industry has always attracted a young workforce, but has it kept up with the demands and requirements of that workforce. Franki Johnson lends us her considerable expertise on the subject and explains how Generation Z will reshape our industry or leave it behind.

Jean-Paul Blissett tackles the growing question of 'practical wellness' and more spcifically how spas and hotels can properly, and profitably, embrace this trend, whilst avoiding costly pitfalls and missteps.

Spas as the new centre of the community? That's Diane Nettleton's hope for the future as she enlightens us on her guest focused service philosophy in "Why Do Guests Visit Spas?".

And finally with mental health being so prevalent in all forms of the news currently, our very own Christine-Alice Hartigan gives us a round up of this important topic following International Mental Health Awareness month in May. 

And of course don't forget to check out our industry events section to make sure you have all the upcoming dates in your diary.
I'll hand you over to the real experts now, I hope you enjoy this months SpaVoice . . . 
Adam Chatterley
Spa Voice Guest Editor

How Generation Z expectations will change the future of the spa industry.
by Franki Johnson
As a result of new technologies, the rise of social media and the sharing economy, the world is experiencing a dramatic industrial to digital shift. Although we are very aware of the shifts taking place around us, leaders tend to leave behind the changing expectations of the workforce.
Generation Z (born 1995-2010) have grown up in a world dominated by Google, Apple and Facebook and are expecting to work for companies that ooze in brand experience and are rich in culture and empowering leadership. 
The spa industry offers vast and fulfilling opportunities that fall in line with the characteristics of Generation Z however, many spa organisations are still largely customer focussed and carry poor perception of hours, pay and gruelling tasks. Generation Z have demanding expectations of the workplace, many of which clash with the existing employee engagement models within the spa industry.

Click Read More to learn more about the cost of doing nothing and the best ways to embrace and engage Generation Z to move with the times . . .

4 Ways the Wellness Industry can Seize the Opportunities Ahead
by Jean-Paul Blissett

Wellness in its broadest definition, one could argue, is about finding "space" in our lives to think and make those important health choices - physical, mental, and spiritual.
Thanks to digital transformation and new consumer demographics, this definition is rapidly evolving in a myriad of complex ways. Wellness is constantly expanding as it seeks to incorporate new treatments and ever more sophisticated technologies that offer greater personal choices and help people achieve a more rounded state of well-being.
This rapid rate of change not only presents some critical . . .

Why Do Guests Visit Spas?
by Diane Nettleton

Why do guests visit spas? There are so many reasons.  A hen party, a celebration, Mothers and daughters, brides to be, mums to be, a relaxing break, an indulgent break but there are also those who want time to just be, those who have gone through some life changing experience such as divorce, redundancy or bereavement. Those that are lonely and just wanting the power of touch, those that are ill physically or mentally.

The most important aspect of all these people is that they all want an experience that fulfils their needs, it is not about what is done to them but how they are made to feel.

Recruitment and . . .


Mental Health Awareness Month of May Write Up
by Christine-Alice Hartigan

May was Mental Health Awareness Month with events held around the globe.  The initiative was led by Mental Health America (MHA) a non-profit organisation founded in 1909, that is dedicated to meeting the needs of those living with mental illness and to promoting good mental health.

In the UK we held Mental Health Awareness week (May 13-19th) this was led by MIND a charity offering advice and support and aiming to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. They campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding. This month’s blog will focus on this important topic. 

Click Read More to read the full article and to find out exactly what mental health is and how is affects everyone in todays world . . .
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UK Spa Association - Spa Director Assemblies 

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The location, situated besides the picturesque Lago Maggiore, provides the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy the region’s beautiful lakes, mountains and natural parks - fitting for an event crafted specifically for spa, wellness, and beauty professionals!
Participating delegates enjoy a full programme consisting of meals, receptions and activities, designed to facilitate talking business, building relationships, and the cross-sharing of ideas and best practices. This includes two dedicated days for face-to-face meetings between attending buyers and suppliers.
Every hosted buyer is provided with the profiles of each of the attending suppliers well in advance, allowing you to strategically prioritise and pre-select the suppliers you wish to meet the most. From there, we will devise and provide you with a personalised meeting schedule with those suppliers most relevant to you and your business.
If you feel that you could benefit from attending SPATEC Europe as a hosted buyer, please confirm your interest by applying online at this link – SPATEC Europe 2019 Hosted Buyer Application.

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