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August 2019
Schools out!

After a thrilling few weeks of sport with a plethora of sporting achievements and a soggy weekend it must mean only one thing, summer holidays have arrived. 

Djokovic beat Federer in an epic match to win his fifth Wimbledon title. Stating his â€˜self belief’made the difference in what he described as the most mentally demanding match of his career

In another battle, it was England who won the men's Cricket World Cup for the first time as they beat favourites New Zealand in an incredible game.

To name just two inspiring performances, both with displays of the utmost determination to achieve their goal, despite being match point down or labelled as underdogs.

If you need any further inspiration into winning in your field then read on! 

Our very own multi-award winner Helena Grzesk shares her valuable guidance to assist you and your spa to become ‘Spa Award Ready’ as well as the all-important event dates for your diary. 

And whilst we are driven to be the best and take pride in gaining positive reviews for our business….do we practice what we preach?
For those of us who feel like they ‘live’ in their spa surrounded by tranquil spaces with an array of facilities created to assist others relieve their stresses, do we utilise our knowledge for our own wellness?

The article ‘Generation Burnout’ guides you through key symptoms to look out for as well as some all-important pointers for creating balance.

Did you know there’s a 90% overlap between wellness-oriented consumers and environmentally oriented consumers? Kay Walker (from Scrummi) opens our eyes with her sustainability educational piece with those entering the industry. Are you doing your bit? 

Finally, before you head off for your summer break or get stuck into assisting others enjoy their staycation, be sure to sign up for the Summer Networking Event and National Spa Directors Assembly – South Lodge Monday 16thSeptember. There has been a lot happening behind the scenes with the UKSA, make sure you are amongst the first to hear the latest.

Jean-Paul Blissett & Clare Dickens 
Spa Voice Editors

Are You Spa Award Ready?
by Helena Grzesk, General Manager of UKSA and 22x Spa Award Winner!
An award is a third-party endorsement.

Which of us don’t look for endorsements and recommendations when researching any restaurant, hotel or local tradesman?

I mean you can even filter an Amazon product search, to only make visible, products with a 4 star rating or above…

So why is Spa any different? We know that 88% of consumers are already making their next spa choice based on a 3rd party recommendation, so it stands to reason that a rack of award wins listed on the spa’s website will surely help seal the deal? 

Some spas are often worried that they won’t win and that is seen as a failure but that small minded, short term thinking couldn’t be further from the truth. 

A cliché? Maybe? But every failure is another stepping stone on the road to success and the process of entering awards can be good for spas and their therapists. 

Click below to find out more about how your spa can be more awards ready . . . and win!

Generation Burnout
by Juliet Wheater

You'd think in the spa industry we'd be the pioneers of workplace wellness, wouldn't you? After all we preach to the rest of the world as to how they 'should' be living their best mental and physically healthy lives.....and yet.....ironically we hear time after time how the service and hospitality industries can be some of the worst for burnout and stress. 

Similar to imposter syndrome, high achievers and perfectionists are particularly susceptible to burning themselves out. With it also being a real issue within the spa industry, therapists do worry that stress can affect their treatment delivery. Burnout was once viewed as being temporary, however with the recent announcement that the World Health Organization (WHO) added burnout to its International Classification of Diseases, its impact might not be fleeting. By keeping an eye out for warning signs, proactive changes can be made to prevent burnout. 

Teaching Sustainability for Learners in Our Industry
by Kay Walker
At Scrummi I visit education facilities regularly. I support them in developing a towelling system which reduces laundry, helping the overall business to meet sustainability goals. 

My experience has been that the educational institute themselves has an interest in becoming more sustainable, however this doesn’t always filter down to the learners. In fact, learners often don’t have an awareness of sustainability and its importance at all. 

 As a wider industry, becoming sustainable is high on the agenda, therefore it’s important for our up and coming professionals to have knowledge of this as part of their toolkit.

 This year we are seeing that the beauty industry still holds strong on the UK high street. It’s worth 25.1 billion in the UK and 60% of it is on beauty services.  (Mintel 2019). Being trained to deliver . . . 

See You at The Summer Networking & National Spa Directors Assembly . . .

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Networking event is 10:30am - 3:30pm

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Strengthen business connections, get fresh ideas and gain differing perspectives. Seek career advice and support, these are just some of the many benefits of networking at the UKSA events. Join us on the 16thSeptember, for the opportunity to see a stunning new spa for the UK and where we’ll announce the launch of our exciting, major new national campaign ‘Work for Wellness’. 

Sign up here….and we’ll see you there! 


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A Note from the Chair . . .
"Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows."
- Helen Keller 

Everything seems better in summer.

The sun is shining, the birds are singing . . . but wait a minute, why is your spa so quiet?

Yeah, it's a strange time of year summer. Depending on the offering your spa has you could see summer being a really busy time, or you could see it as one of the most challenging times of the year to fill your therapist appointment columns and keep generating the revenue.

My hope for you is that you've got your summer promotions in place, you've set your staffing levels accordingly and you too are relaxing and enjoying the warmer weather and maybe a cocktail or two.

However, if not . . fear not, because you should always look for the positive  . . just like Helen says above. 

If you find yourself quieter in the spa over the summer, then use that time to plan, to analyse, to make the last four months of the year, the BEST four months of the year in your business. Finish strong, as they say.

With the right planning, preparation, packages, promotions and particularly gift vouchers you can generate more than half your annual revenue in the last three and a bit months of the year. That's just one of the wonderful things about the industry we work in. Around the corner from a quieter summer is the promise of Christmas! Yes, I did it . . I used the 'C' word. 

So if you find yourself a little quieter than maybe you'd like over the summer . . . use that time to work on your business rather than in your business.

So here's my question . .

What are you going to do to make the last few months of the year really count?

Adam Chatterley
Chairman of the UK Spa Association