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April 2019
Welcome to April's edition of Spa Voice . . .

With lighter nights and warmer temperatures we take a look at Work-Life balance an important aspect of any healthy work environment. Maintaining work-life balance helps reduce stress and helps prevent burnout in the workplace. The Spa association recognises the need for communities and companies to come together to bring about changes within the working and social environment. 

Employers have been putting in a tremendous effort trying to determine the best way to appeal to millennial workers. With the millennial generation of workers projected to take up to 75% of the workforce by 2025, many companies feel its time to redefine what work balance looks like.

Enjoy the April edition of Spa Voice 
Julia Leone
Spa Voice Editor

Uniting the movement of an active nation
by Steve Scales

Working in a wide array of roles in my career, I’ve come across two main types of organisation. The first is unchanging – parroting lethargic and exasperated clichés such as ‘nothing really changes’, remaining stagnant and unresponsive to the world around them. 

The other type of organisation, however, (which I would say make up the majority of our sector) are the opposite. These dynamic organisations draw on their experience and knowledge to create a culture of progression – continuing to strive for better and evolving to match the landscape around them. 

The physical activity sector is undergoing huge changes – consumer habits are shifting, the way we interact with each other is evolving, even the way we see our own health is changing. It’s vital, therefore, that we as a sector (as individuals and organisations) are ready to adapt and evolve in response.

That means collaborating both within and outside the sector. In the past year, we have seen incredible examples in which organisations have . . .



Graduate Schemes: who needs 'em?
by Hannah Briggs

Graduating can be a daunting process. This is when the time finally comes to integrate yourself into the real world and trade in the £1.50 Jäger bombs on a Wednesday night for an early evening viewing of your favourite soap before a nice early night. It sounds delightful really! What is there to worry about? Except for the rest of your life of course…

After you graduate the world really is your oyster. Nowadays, we are so fortunate to have the endless list of opportunities that once did not exist. That’s great, right!? But where on earth do you begin?

One of the most popular and effective routes for students are . . 

Mental Health and Wellness
by Aija Rozenberga

Happy people have some things in common. That lightness in their steps or twinkle in eyes, and the glowing aura of optimism.The happiest people in the world walk or cycle to work, swim in cold open waters, they are creative in their work life, regularly meet up with friends, and have strong sense of community and meaningful social interaction. At least that is whatMeik Wiking, CEO of the Happiness Research Institute, seems to think.  

Sadness, in contrary, has many shades and is as unique as our fingerprints, our first childhood memories and most painful experiences. Maybe that’s part of the reason we . . 


Trends to watch in 2019
by Brigita Kliucinkaite
Without any doubt, today’s world is highly overloaded with ‘’trends’’. The millennial world is led, ruled and pushed forward by trends, likes and dislikes. We live in a time when the world is changing at an enormous pace, having new youngest billionaires, success stories and more… Only because it is trendy.

The Spa industry is no different. A simple back massage is considered a treat, but is that still the case? There are hundreds and hundreds of trends in the spa industry to look out for, however the real science is to know which trends would actually make a difference for your spa. Therefore, a trend is not only a blinking fashionable toy that will be thrown back to where it came from when the joy fades away. The other and more sustainable side and meaning of trends is to notice how the demand is moving and what clients prefer at that exact point in time – it does not actually matter what people wanted last year, all you need to know is  . . .

The future of Health & Wellbeing is in Our Own Hands . . 
by Christine-Alice Hartigan

“Is SPA Care: The future of preventative healthcare?”
It is April already, we hope the year is going well and you are enjoying exploring all the ways to keep your health and fitness on track!  
WHY Spa?
The reasons are very clear. Spa has been used to support our health and wellbeingthroughout the ages. Hot and cold treatments, water therapies and cleansing practices have been vital to our survival. A spa should not be seen as a luxury.  
The origins of spa 
Hippocrates, regarded by as the founder of medicine and rational science and the Hippocratic Oath outlines "First do no harm".His medicine and findings identified this as early as the 4th century B.C.E. The fundamental practice of Hippocrates was basic to basics of natural survival practice of eating good natural foods, living an active life and to practice spa techniques such as cleansing, purging, sweating and bathing. This was underpinned by early diagnosis and testing to identify disease.
We feel that spa can offer all of the practices that were identified from these teachings.
Summary: Here are 6 reasons WHY we believe that Spa is important to our future sustained healthcare;
1. NHS Reactive healthcare; Resources are low. 
2. The growth of mental health illness needs to be supported and in the best way prevented by natural remedies which spa can offer. Interventions from the continual pressures of life can help prevent these illnesses.
3. Stress has been identified as the fasted growing silent killer. Stress affects all in in different ways; these interventions visiting a spa and practicing relaxation techniques can break the stress cycle.
4. Education; Spa can be a place of education, as place to bring together all expertise from nutrition to physical activity to anatomical knowledge that will help people understand their bodies more.
5. Diagnosis, Spa of the future will offer diagnosis, to keep out health on track. 
6. Advanced technologies; Our future will offer more and more technologies to help reduce symptoms such as inflammation. Inflammation is one of the key indicators that you need a health intervention.
These are just 6 reasons, as usual we would welcome your comments below. 
References: 1http://www.sparoyale.net/blog/item/spas-are-no-longer-a-luxury-but-a-necessity
I look forward to hearing your comments below.
Thank you for your time and thank you for reading, 

The UK Spa Associations Spa Directors' Assemblies provide the ideal forum to keep up-to-date with the latest industry trends and share ideas and best practice with your peers. The national spa directors assembly will be hosted at Beauty UK on Monday 20th May. 

With allocated allowance for networking with brands and peers, a networking lunch; the assembly meets to discuss key issues from the spa industry. Take a look at the agenda http://www.beautyukshow.com/UK-Spa-Association-Spa-Directors-Assembly.html
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Spa Director Assemblies are by invitation only, for more information email manager@spa-uk.org
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A Note From The Chair . . .

Hello and a very warm welcome to this Spring Edition of Spa Voice,

With all of the uncertainty surrounding what will happen to the country, its businesses and population post Brexit, now is the time more than ever before to reach out to your industry communities and seek to leverage all contacts by way of offering support, sharing ideas, discussing best practice and any common challenges that we feel we might face as we navigate our way through this period. As the country’s only not for profit trade organisation for the UK, UKSA is supported by experts who volunteer their expertise, time and energy to do just this… we are here to support you and your business through many different membership benefits:
  1. Benchmarking – confidentially share KPI’s and see how your business is performing against the National Set and your Local Set
  2. Spa Director Assemblies – held regional throughout the UK to sit with other operators and discuss our common challenges and share best practice, in confidence.
  3. Networking Events – an intimate social hub to meet industry peers, meet new suppliers to UKSA and listen to two expert speakers selected to help us be more informed about our operations. 
  4. National Spa Week – an entire week dedicated to marketing our services and industry to the public. This year will see many suggestions from our Work for Wellness Team to assist us in caring for the very people who care for our guests
  5. Work for Wellness – to attract and retain more people into our industry, how to better ‘PR’ our industry from the grass roots up
  6. Spa Voice – digital newsletter straight to your inbox containing useful and relative insights
  7. Spa Line – a dedicated hot line to pose any spa/salon/wellness-based question to our industry experts.
Our commitment to you isn’t a short lived promise, UKSA is moving into its 5thyear and as I, our many new board members and many long serving board members take over the reins from Charlie Thompson I wanted to remind everyone of our end goal and that is to ultimately have the those in Whitehall acknowledge our industry, the number of people it employs and how much revenue we generate for the country in the hope that we can then sit on a government budget independently and be recognised as an industry that requires funding to continue to grow. Funding that well help each and every one of us educate, inspire, mentor and retain our people as without them where would we be, so join us and by speaking through one voice we can drive more people into more spas, more often.
On behalf of the board and the broader industry, thank you for your support and have a great next quarter and we hope to meet you all in person at one of our many events.
Stay Happy & Healthy,

Lisa Barden
UKSA Chair

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