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October 2019
Welcome to October's edition of Spa Voice
October hails the official end of summer as the clocks fall back and we start to think about early hibernation. Traditionally a month of transition, always busy and somewhat hectic, Autumn brings about new challenges, opportunities to be grasped and for many the focus is the build up to Cccc...Christmas. There I said it!

At the point of writing this, it is difficult to imagine what broader external challenges we may be facing during this tumultuous period - the traditional images of the ghosts and ghouls at Halloween could well be eclipsed by more frightening performances elsewhere! Spa Voice is a safe haven in the real world. A “B” free zone…

Whilst these stressful situations will present business opportunities, it would be wonderful if this was driven by an “obligation” emanating from the core values and heart of wellness - as an industry we can make a difference.

Surely there is no better time for us to up our game and actively be reminded of the benefits of wellness for both ourselves and our internal and external guests over the coming year. 
Spa Fest, being held this October in Falmouth, provides such an opportunity for ourselves to find peace away from the stress of work and frenetic pace of our lives. A place to meet colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere to share experiences, to learn, be motivated by some fascinating talks, as well as space to reflect.
 We, as a sector, are in a unique position in being able to offer a myriad of solutions to bring a sense of balance and calm to people’s individual worlds through focusing on positivity and actively taking control of those things we can to improve in our lives - mentally, physically and emotionally.

Thinking/talking of the physical in this month’s Spa Voice Dermalogica talk us through how the skin ages and explain why. Whilst also offering some tips to help tackle the signs of time. And it’s not just about wearing SPF.

Claudia Agha of Satya Life for Jennifer Young writes on the support they provide to spas in offering ‘cancer training for spas’. Enabling every guest that enters your business the opportunity to relax and enjoy the many benefits associated with a receiving a treatment is priceless. In a giving industry no one wants to have to say no. so having a team of confident therapists will ensure they do what they love best and spoil someone who needs a comforting touch. 

 It won’t be long before we are thinking ahead to ringing in the changes for the New Year. Spa Life provides an early opportunity to meet potential new suppliers and review what trends are emerging for 2020 as well as time to be motivated and inspired by guest speakers. Plus with the Good Spa Guide awards taking place in the evening there is also an ideal excuse to pull out the bling and get into the celebratory spirit with your industry friends.

Jean-Paul Blissett & Clare Dickens
Spa Voice Editors

Why Skin Ages and What You Can Do About It
by Dermalogica

What makes your skin age faster? It’s not what you think.

Story highlights – A chronically unhealthy exposure (environment and lifestyle) can add years of premature aging to your skin. Proper skin care helps give back what your exposome takes away. 

It happens to us all: we see our faces in the mirror and realise that we’ve aged. Our formerly fine lines have begun to etch deeper grooves, our skin tone has become uneven and our once-taut jaw lines have become slack. When did that happen? Apart from the genes we are born with, the answer may lie in our exposure. 

What is an exposome? 

Your exposome is your environment and lifestyle and it greatly influences how your skin looks over time. Up to 50% of visible signs of skin aging come from your exposome, not just your genes. Factors that make up your exposome include your behaviour, climate, UV exposure, pollution, sleep quality, diet, stress etc. These factors can be healthy or unhealthy. 
For many people, a chronically unhealthy exposome leads to premature signs of skin aging such as wrinkles, loss of elasticity and uneven skin tone. On average, smoking can make skin look 2 years older while excess sun and poor sleep quality can make skin look 6.5 and 2.5 years older, respectively. 

Good genes only go so far. 

If you were born with ‘good genes’, congratulations! But remember, just because you inherited a predisposition toward fewer wrinkles doesn’t mean you’re safe from an unhealthy exposome. We know this in part, from studying twins with different exposomes. Those who had more exposure to cigarette smoke, sun and/or chronic stress, showed more wrinkles, deep creases, uneven skin tone and age spots, than the twins who had less exposure. These premature signs of skin aging still added beyond 10 years to their perceived age (how old they looked). 

How to look younger at any age. 
While research on the underlying interactions between our genes and our exposome is still ongoing, there are steps you can take to reawaken and preserve the nature of younger-looking skin. Here are our suggestions . . .

You'll want to read the rest! Click the button below for the whole article . . 

Cancer Training for Spas
by Claudia Agha of Satya Life
At Satya Life, we believe that the core essence of ‘spa’ is wellness and this is something which should be available to every individual. We were appointed distributer for Jennifer Young – beauty despite cancer as it aligned with our core values for being beneficial for one’s wellbeing and especially for those who have undergone serious medical care. 

Cancer Statistics:

- By 2030, there will be 23.6 million new cases of cancer worldwide each year (estimated)

- By 2020, almost one in two people (47%) will get cancer

- By 2020, almost four in 10 people (38%) who have had cancer will die from another cause

- The UK lags behind the rest of the world in survival rates and one in four (25%) people in the UK face poor health or disability after treatment for cancer.

- Cancer Research UK aim to increase the overall five-year survival rate to more than two-thirds by next year.

Spas are currently unable to . . .

The Growth of Treatments at Home
by Jack Tang of Urban

 There’s a question we ask ourselves a lot at Urban: as our business of providing wellness treatments at home grows, how does it fit in with the spa industry, a sector close to our hearts and aligned with our goals? The answer is still forming, but for the moment here’s how we see ourselves in the wider scheme. 

Cultivating a new mindset 

People who feel well often make the effort to keep themselves feeling well, and businesses can thrive on that self-sustaining appetite. But it’s not always easy for busy people to make that initial step into a world they’re unfamiliar with – that’s particularly true for newcomers to spas, where visits can (and should) swallow entire days. 

At-home treatments are powerful in that respect. They can reveal the wonders of a good massage to the full-time parent or busy CEO. And they can get those treatments regularly and at a reasonable price.

It takes making that crucial first step and realising how good it feels to prioritise your . . . 

Spa Life International UK Convention Celebrates 10th Anniversary with Some Exciting Changes
by Juliet Wheater
The UK Spa Association sat down with Andrew Hammond, Founder and Director of Spa Life UK and received the inside scoop on this very special, forthcoming anniversary conference. 

The Spa Life International UK Convention 2019 will be hosted at the Hilton DoubleTree Coventry, and will be celebrating its 10th year with a few exciting changes. 

Running over two days, with an average of 500 attendees, delegates will enjoy 1-2-1 product demonstrations and peer networking, showcases of the latest trends and innovations in the 50 strong brand EXPO arena, industry insights from a host of expert speakers, plus interactive education seminars and workshops to develop their skills. 

Andrew, observes “Spa Life is a true celebration of excellence and innovation in the spa and now the wider wellness industry, but still with a unique focus on education and self-development. We know wellness begins with the people delivering it. So we strive to provide what our audience needs to create exceptional wellness experiences for their customers”. 

“We help the Spa Life community grow their product offering, their networks and their knowledge and we pride ourselves on ensuring each attendee has actionable insights to take back and put into practise in their own business. And we pride ourselves on delivering all this in a relaxed, professional environment.” 

Spa Life UK is the largest specialist spa and wellness convention of its kind in the UK and the fact that it is as popular as ever and celebrating its 10thyear, is testament to the fact that it is adaptable and willing to change to reflect . . 

Click the Read More button for the whole article and to find out even more about the changes at this years Spa Life . . .
Industry Events for 2019 . . 

One of the main benefits of attending an exhibition is that you can check out the latest developments, get your hands on new products, compare prices and see live demonstrations all under one roof! 

Professional Beauty North will take place at EventCity, Manchester on 13 - 14 October 2019. It is a fantastic opportunity for trend spotting, inspiration, networking and learning, with your favourite brands and newcomers presenting their innovations and industry experts sharing their knowledge on the hottest industry topics.

Our very own Helena Grzesk will be joined by Helena Field and Alex Hurt on a panel at Professional Beauty North - 2pm on Monday 14th October, speaking on the topic - Embracing Natural and Holistic Changes. 

Register for your free ticket here

NATIONAL SPA WEEK (4th– 10th November) 

For National Spa Week 2019, the UK Spa Association are delighted to now offer something a little bit different, something that has been created for the spa industry specifically. ‘Workplace Wellness’ is our new national campaign and we want YOU to join us! 

Why is this year’s National Spa Week so different? 

National Spa Week 2019 takes place from 4th– 10thNovember and it has been designed to add value and drive education to our association’s members, addressing specific and reoccurring internal industry issues and challenges. Going back to its roots, the UKSA are to proactively support the spa industry, with the trade expertise it desperately needs. 

Each day the UKSA will be sharing and uploading value added podcasts, videos as well as illuminating interviews in order to bring together industry experts to provide education and information and to encourage participation. Let’s take action together! 

Topics will include: 
Mon 4th November – Employee Mental Health 
Tues 5th November – Employee Physical Health 
Weds 6th November – Recruitment & Retention 
Thurs 7th November – Commercial Health 
Fri 8th November – Business Health 
Sat 9th November – Leadership 
Sun 10th November – Employee Financial Wellness 

For More Information CLICK HERE

SPA LIFE 2019 

As part of the exciting SPA LIFE UK Convention, the conference programme has been developed to improve the quality of management education to the UK’s diverse and rapidly developing spa and wellness sector.

The Spa Life Conference 2019 takes place on Tues 12th November at the Hilton DoubleTree Hotel, Paradise Way, Coventry CV2 2ST. 

This year's Conference will have two consistent themes: (i) Leadership (ii) How to monetise wellness.

Opening Keynote Address: 9:15am
Breakout Sessions run from 10:30 - 3:00pm
Hot Seat Symposium: 3:00 - 4:00pm
The Convention will finish at approx 4:30pm.
A Note From The Chair . . .

If you weren't at our end of summer event at South Lodge . . . then why not!

You really missed out on an amazing event with over 200 spa professionals meeting to learn, network and find out about some of our amazing supplier members at the UK Spa Association all in a stunning location.

Not only that, but we announced all the details of our major new campaign "Work for Wellness" plus we unveiled our plans for a brand new, first of it's kind, proposed Spa Management Diploma in partnership with the University of Derby. If that wasn't enough we briefed those in attendance about the NEW National Spa Week campaign and the major changes we are bringing to it.

If you did miss the event and your FOMO is kicking in big time, just reach out to our General Manager, Helena Grzesk, for more information.

Don't blink because things are really happening fast and at a very high level here at the UKSA and were are indeed also starting to get the attention of parliament with some of our initiatives and our membership numbers are at an all time high.

We are also looking forward to supporting the Spa Life Convention in November  . . . we'll be updating you on the progress of everything we announced at South Lodge and we'll be bringing you even more with insights and discussion that only your industry association could provide.

Got to go . . . BIG things to do . . .

Adam Chatterley
UKSA Chair