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July 2019
Welcome to July's edition of Spa Voice . . .

The summer is finally here . . . how do we know? 
Well, Wimbledon is underway and Glastonbury has just ended, with everyone talking about Stormzy's politically motivated headline and Sir David [Attenborough], congratulating the entire festival for going plastic bottle free! That's over a million single use plastic bottles that could well have ended up in our oceans, and (as Christine-Alice Hartigan explains in her exclusive article) ultimately inside us!

The sun is shining and we are all outdoors more, so Clare Dickens asks the question "Why do we Spa?" It's something we all need to reconsider as trends and client requirements change. Is this something you regularly question, or are you simply relying on old, out dated knowledge?

There is no denying the progression of technology within our lives, but is there a real place for it in the world of wellness and spa?  Miranda Markham challenges this view and shows just how the very latest technology can enhance traditional treatments and wellness experiences, and speaking of challenges, find out how Amy Harper was brave enough to challenge the views of her peers, teachers and parents pursue a career in beauty, and why her courage paid off.

Finally, don't forget to check out our industry events section including details about our highly anticipated Summer Networking event at South Lodge in Horsham, where you will get to hear first hand, what we at the UK Spa Association have been working on and what we have coming up for you over the next few months including our phenomenal WORK FOR WELLNESS campaign.

Why do we Spa?
by Clare Dickens - Head of Spa at Zelens
There doesn’t seem to be a day that goes by when the word ‘spa’ is not repeated by someone outside of the industry. A radio DJ, a mum quoting the latest article in Good Housekeeping or a couples conversation overheard in the supermarket about where they should spend their time.

However it was only 30 years ago when it was considered more amongst the rich and famous rather than for a treat - a significant birthday or to mark an anniversary. Of course much further back bath houses were built around a natural spring when it was all about taking to the waters to treat physical ailments, relieve illness and discomfort. In fact the dictionary definition of ‘spa’ still reads . . 

Click below to find out what the dictionary thinks 'Spa' is and to learn more about exactly why we spa and the way spas are changing to keep up . . .

Maximising wellness solutions
by Miranda Markham

In an era of hectic, over-connected lifestyles, society is seeing greater emphasis placed on self-care and holistic therapy. More and more individuals seek out activities which will relax them, offer something to take their mind off the everyday hustle and bustle and leave them feeling revived.

This trend is not slowing down. As such, the global spa market is projected to grow at the rate of 5.7% . . . 

My honest spa journey (including the ups and downs)
by Amy Harper
I fell into this industry (with a slight push from a frustrated parent) after back and forth about what I wanted to do with myself, who knows what they want to do when they’re 16?
I arrived at the college with my baggy jeans, dirty trainers and hoody (a very unlikely candidate for a beauty therapist) not knowing what to expect and certainly not knowing it would be one of the best . . 

Are you feeding your spa customers wast plastic?
by Christine-Alice Hartigan

This month I want to explore a very important topic “plastic in our oceans, plastic in our bodies” and set out some ways in which we can easily and sustainably make changes in our spas and everyday lives, that can have a big impact overall, not only to our oceans but also to our health and wellbeing. 

Experts estimate that at least 70 percent of all plastic is not recovered or recycled, with a figure that there is over 150 million tons of plastic in the world’s oceans. So unless drastic steps are taken there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050.
Micro plastics pose the greatest threat of all to marine and human life because they are so small that they are easily ingested by marine animals. Many of the fish that eat these plastics are then eaten by humans higher up the food chain and experts are gravely concerned about . . . 
Click Read More to read the full article and to find out exactly what has experts most concerned and how you can and should be reducing waste and plastics in your spa . . .
Photo Credit: Sunday Times Online
Events . . .

UK Spa Association - Spa Director Assemblies 

London - September TBC 
South West - Thursday 19th September at Fistral Beach 
North - Wednesday 16th October at Carden Park 
Scotland - October TBC 
Spa Director Assemblies are by invitation only, for more information email manager@spa-uk.org
UK Spa Association Networking events:

Summer Event - 16th September at South Lodge,
Horsham, West Sussex

[FREE attendance for all UK Spa Association Members]

The UK Spa Association is hosting their Summer Networking Event on Monday 16th September at the stunning South Lodge, West Sussex. 

South Lodge is a luxury hotel in Sussex offering the best in relaxation. With breath-taking views of the South Downs and award-winning dining facilities. The Spa at South Lodge is a 44,000 sq. ft. luxury spa designed with sustainability in mind, bringing the outside in and extending the spa out into the grounds with terraced sun decks, an outside natural swimming pond and hydrotherapy pool. 

The event will run between 10:30am - 3:30pm, with refreshments throughout and a break for a light lunch.

We have a special guest speaker who will inspire you on the 'human experience of leadership' and a second session will be hosted by member of the UKSA board presenting the key strategic pillars and the incredible deliverables members can expect to start seeing over the next few years.

We are delighted to confirm that the following brands will be there displaying their products and latest innovations - Ellisons, Gerrard International, Dermalogica, Scrummi Spa, BC Softwear, Cryoaction, Linda Meredith, Skinbrands, My Expert Midwife, SpaSoft, Finders International, Pukka herbs and IIAA.



Dates for your diary . . .
  • Professional Beauty North 13th-14th October at EventCity, Manchester
  • Spa Life UK 11th - 12th November at the Hilton Doubletree Hotel, Coventry
A Note from the Chair . . .
"I'd have written a shorter letter, but I didn't have the time."
- Mark Twain

Just like Mr. Twain, I have a personal struggle with brevity . . . so my challenge is to keep this as a 'Note from the Chair' rather than an 'Essay from the Chair'.

I am thrilled, honoured and just a little bit shocked to have been appointed Chair of the UK Spa Association, but rest assured it's a role I take very seriously. 

It's taken the dedication and hard work of many individuals to get the UKSA to where it is now . . . but there is still so much more to be done, my goal, my job is to make that happen. 

Education has been a hot topic in the spa industry for some time now, but in reality just focussing on education is too small. Redefining the perception of our industry as a true career calling is the silver bullet, but very few have really taken any action on this other than to bemoan it. It's a huge challenge, but one we at the UKSA are committed to addressing over the next two years and beyond.

Together we have to raise ALL the levels within the industry, that's not to say individual spas haven't been making great strides towards this on their own, but it takes a unified approach, it takes commitment, a plan . . it takes an association.

I am extremely proud to be heading up the UK Spa Association as it moves towards bigger, better things and aims to address the real issues within our incredible industry. To raise the bar overall and to make things better for the entire trade commercially, sustainably and reputationally at all times. 

. . . and to anyone out there that thinks this is simply too great a challenge, too big a task, then by way of sticking to my promise to be brief, and to bookend my inaugural 'note',  I will leave you with one of my favourite quotes.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, commited, citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has."
- Margaret Mead

Adam Chatterley
Chairman of the UK Spa Association