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December 2019
Welcome to December's edition of Spa Voice
It’s that time of year again, oh yes it is!

Dark nights are brightened with sparkling lights as we begin the descend into the silly season. A time for festivities, prosecco and gatherings, heralding the final month of 2019. 

This month’s newsletter opens with a ‘feature’ by Treatwell. The article ‘How to Grow Your Business by 44%’ includes interviews from two of their existing spa partners. Spa Managers Sabrina Zaczyk and Diana Bordei say the Treatwell combination of a 24hr booking platform, spa concierge team and dedicated account managers have contributed to significantly growing their business. Plus, the offer Treatwell have for UKSA members will give you a head start to increasing your revenue in 2020.

National Spa Week last month saw a fresh new take on the campaign with the target this time on, sharing knowledge within the industry. An array of experts contributed to a very successful week. Read on for a useful summary including names and daily topics. And remember if you didn’t get an opportunity to expand on each post during November the links are still on the UKSA website. Providing ideal inspiration when planning meetings and team events in the New Year.

Passionate about the future of the industry, the UKSA held a Work for Wellness summit at Spa Life International recently. The panel of professionals ran a poll to glean feedback from industry professionals, in order to find out how we can best work together. Read on for more details and take note from former Spa Management student, Hannah Briggs as she champions the course that encouraged her skill set. 

Make sure your Christmas is less Stressmas and more fun by following some tips on how to enjoy not just the celebrations but the preparation too.
Finally thinking ahead into 2020 celebrations, voting for the Professional Beauty Awards are now open. Be sure to add the date into your new diary.

From us all at the UKSA we wish you the very best for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2020.
Happy Holidays.

Jean-Paul Blissett & Clare Dickens
Spa Voice Editors

How to Grow Your Spa Business by 44%
by Treatwell

Treatwell interviews two leading spas that have significantly grown their business. 

Interview with Sabrina Zaczyk: 

Spa Manager of Spa at The Montcalm Hotel Marble Arch & Paddington Boutique Spa at The Chilworth Hotel

How does Treawell help grow your spa business?
In all sorts of ways! The 24 hour booking platform allows customers to book whenever they like, wherever they like. It really does bring in a constant stream of bookings. The system is really easy to use - we just add our availability and the team at Treatwell take care of the rest. We have a dedicated Account Manager which is just brilliant and they make sure our menu is up to date and our profile is the best it can be, in order to bring in the most bookings that it can. As a result, we have more than tripled our business this year.  

What does Treatwell do to build your spa's online reputation?
Our customers are always invited to leave a review after their spa experience and we get so many! Treatwell sends them a £5 voucher if they leave the review, so that really helps. We've built up a strong online reputation now and all of these positive reviews help boost our ranking on the marketplace. Plus, the feedback helps us keep working towards the perfect customer experience.

Interview with Diana Bordei: 
Spa Manager of Rena Spa Holborn and Tower Bridge. 

Does Treatwell facilitate group bookings?
Yes! They have a Spa Concierge team who are always thinking of us for large and bespoke bookings. They organise everything from initial customer request to finalising the booking. How it works, is that they receive enquiries from customers (often looking to book for special occasions) they then reach out to us, to ask whether we can accommodate the booking and then they organise everything from there. These are often large value bookings which bring lots of new customers through the door, so it’s extremely valuable to us.

How simple is it to manage your presence on Treatwell?
The platform is super easy to use. You can log into your account and manage everything, from your business details to adding team members. Everything is intuitive and displays on site, exactly as you need. If you do require assistance, your Account Manager is always at the end of the phone. The support we receive is invaluable and in just the last few months, Treatwell has helped us transition through an exciting rebrand. Having previously been known as Ajala Spas we have successfully rebranded to Rena Spas and Treatwell are now working with us to list overnight breaks online.
For more information on how to become a Treatwell partner, please click here.

  - No Sign Up Fee - Usually £199 
  - 3 months free listing - £30 month thereafter 
  - £100 Treatwell Voucher 
  - Rolling Contract 


National Spa Week Roundup
by Juliet Wheater
Thank you to our members, for supporting our all new National Spa Week last month. We had some wonderful feedback with lots of lessons learnt and ideas implemented. Thank you also for your participation and for sharing our content so actively on social media. The support shown for the new, annual, trade focused week is much appreciated and a key driver for change within the spa industry.

We achieved a whopping 11,500 podcast listens and the top 3 most popular days were: 
  • Employee Financial Wellness
  • Employee Mental Health
  • Business Health
UK Spa Association Chairman, Adam Chatterley said of the recent trade campaign: 
"Focussed specifically on the spa and wellness industry, this brand new, educational week will become our annual gift to everyone in our industry, providing a wealth of knowledge and expertise around a particular industry challenge. The National Spa Week webpage at (which sits on the UK Spa Association site) revealed a wealth of value-added podcasts, videos, articles and resources, crafted by hand-picked experts both from within our industry and outside. It has now been archived, so should you still like to access these carefully curated learnings, you can  . . . and feel free to share them too”. 

If you did not assign your team to take part within the week-long activities, it’s not too late. Material will be available on the UK Spa Association website, for your access. 

To recap: 

National Spa Week took place as from 4th – 10th November with a new 360 approach. The campaign centred on educational and value-added content, which had been carefully crafted by handpicked industry and outside industry experts, as they offered their insight into seven topical subjects . . . . 

Click the Read More button for a full run down on all the topics and resources  . . .

UKSA Work for Wellness Summit at Spa Life International
by Juliet Wheater
'This is a bus journey not a taxi ride. No therapist means no spas. No spas mean no spa jobs and nowhere for spa brands to sell their goods. The UKSA is the bus. We have the plans, the means and resources to drive this initiative and campaign. But we need EVERYONE onboard with funding and support to make it happen.'

- Helena Grzesk, General Manager 
UK Spa Association 

Experts from education, trade associations and operators claim that if the industry doesn't come together now, to solve this recruitment crisis, then there will be no spa industry in the UK. Because without spa therapists there can be no spas and then we'll all be out of a job....think about that!

With the recent disappointing news that Derby University are to cease their Spa Management degree qualification as of 2022, due to a steady decline of student numbers over recent years, it’s a further indication that the spa & wellness industry is one of the most undervalued and misunderstood.

Frequently dismissed by the medical community in favour of more invasive treatments, it is viewed by the public (especially men) as not relevant nor efficacious. Therefore, the dial urgently needs to shift in order to drive reappraisal and engagement with the spa industry and the passionate world of wellness it opens up.

It presents a strange phenomena, in that the spa industry is growing exponentially year on year, yet the industry in its current state, simply won’t have the therapists to sustain it. 

The global spa market is projected to grow at the rate of 5.7% during the forecast period 2018 to 2023 (Mordor Intelligence 2019) and the value of the health and wellness market in the UK increased over the period observed from over . . ..

Click the Read More button for more stats and all the information about Work for Wellness if you weren't able to be at the summit . . . .

Closure of The University of Derby's International Spa Management Degree: Why Should You Care?
by Hannah Briggs
There is an undeniable and easily apparent sense of pressure on young people to do well at school. This pressure tends to stem from external sources such as teachers and parents. I know this first hand from my experience during my GCSE’s. 

I never thrived in traditional subjects like maths and science and didn’t achieve grades good enough to get back into the Sixth Form at my school. I vividly recall telling my Headmistress my next step was going to be a Beauty Therapy diploma at college – to which she responded with a laugh followed by the words ‘that will never get you anywhere’. To be spoken to like this at such a poignant time as a young, impressionable adult was something I would never forget but equally something that would instil drive and determination in me to prove her wrong.

When I discovered the International Spa Management course at the University of Derby Buxton, I couldn’t believe my luck. As one of, I’m sure, many young people that felt as though the conventional schooling system wasn’t for them, this felt like a chance to finally prove my school teachers wrong, try something different and most importantly, find something I enjoy. 

What’s so great about the International Spa Management course? 
Despite being a rapidly growing market, worth $4.2 Trillion in 2017 and showing no signs of slowing down, The Global Wellness Industry is so often underestimated and is surrounded by the stigma of being an ‘easy option’. I think we all know; this industry is no easy way out. The International Spa Management course proves this. You are taught a plethora of skills from how to perform practical treatments, to product and retail knowledge, to business finance, to Anatomy and Physiology, as well as ‘how to manage a team’ to name just a few. The real-world learning opportunities provided by the facilities on this campus are completely unique. 

Over my three years here, I was lucky enough to be taught by an incomparable . . . 

Click the Read More button to find out just how much the course helped Hannah and the loss we will all feel without it . . . .

How to Avoid Stressmass
by Juliet Wheater
Strategies to Reduce Christmas Stress 

Make a List
It works for Santa and it will work for you. List the things you have to do to prepare for the holiday season, such as gift shopping on one side of the page and the things you want to do, such as special holiday baking on the other side of the page. Ticking items off a list as they are accomplished is so satisfying, however, to also bear in mind that lists can also be a cause of stress, if they are not realistic. 

Pick and Choose Your Christmas Activities
Many of us do what we do during the holiday season just because we always have, turning the entire month of December into a mad whirl of non-stop Christmas preparations and activities. If the things on your list that you HAVE to do outnumber the things that you WANT to do, then it's time to make your list more manageable by eliminating some of these holiday activities.

Get Help
Who says that you personally have to wrap all the Christmas gifts, do all the baking, and do all the holiday season decorating? Hire a cleaner to spruce up your home, use the gift wrapping services that many businesses provide at this time of year. Assign tasks to other family members. Using time management strategies of outsourcing and delegation will lighten your workload and your mood. Embrace the imperfection of the season and stop looking for perfection, good enough will most certainly do! 

Get the Christmas Sparkle Back 
The holiday period should be a joy not an ordeal. Attend a special holiday concert, make snow angels with the kids or just take a long hot bath. Any Christmas stress will drop considerably. Regain the equilibrium you need to appreciate and enjoy the true spirit of the festive season.


Member Christmas Trees Captured!

We’d love to see the pictures of your personal and business Christmas trees! What is your style, minimalist, traditional or bling? Tag us @ukspaassociation 
Industry Events for 2019 . . 

The awards are free to enter and the deadline is January 24, 2020. 

Enter the Professional Beauty Awards 2020 here

UKSA Spring Event

Carden Park on Wednesday 4th March 2020 

Watch this space for more information . . . tickets available soon.

A Note From The Chair . . .

Well I'm pretty annoyed right now . . .  and I think you should be too!

Pardon my language, but I'm talking about Black Friday

Black Friday in the Spa industry just doesn't make sense, in fact it's damaging to everything we keep trying to explain to people?

For those of you that don't know, Black Friday refers to the day after Thanks Giving in the US of A which historically marked the start of the Christmas shopping season. The point of it was for the shops to discount their previous seasons lines to clear the shelves to make room for all the things people wanted to buy for Christmas.

The whole point was that there was a finite amount of physical 'stuff' and in order for the shops to make space they offered it at a reduced price so shoppers could help make room for new things.

But now it's become this global discount-athon where literally everything get's discounted . . . including spa treatments and packages!!!

"Hello my valued customer . . . normally we sell these services to you at £120, but this Black Friday let me show you that I can actually sell it to you for 60% Off and still make a profit!"

This is a very dangerous message to be sending out to the public? As far as I'm concerned, you've just devalued your treatments, your brand and your spa for some cheap and easy marketing and once again reaffirmed that visits to the spa are a perk, a treat, a luxury good that can be massively discounted and still make money.

Disagree with me?

Prove me wrong . . . tell me about your Black Friday offers and how they enhanced your offering and really made a beneficial difference to your business  . . . I really do want to hear from you!

In the meantime . . . I'll get down off my 'bah-humbug' soapbox and wish you a  Merry Christmas!

Adam Chatterley
UKSA Chair (a.k.a. The Grinch)