April 2020
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What are these strange times we are living in?

I don’t know about you but last month has been a bit of a blur, with emotions running high. Rest assured that the UKSA stands with all of you during a time when our industry is being deeply affected. The impact that Covid-19 pandemic has had on the spa industry has already been extraordinary. We believe however, that the pendulum for our industry, will swing back, as the desire for human touch and domestic travel will be higher than ever once the world returns to normal and when it does we’ll be ready! 

The positivity that the industry has demonstrated has been wonderful to see and we note that  many spas have begun to adapt to survive this passage of enforced downtime. Many look to their websites and online presence, which are taking centre stage more than ever before. They ask themselves about their perceived brand image and how their visuals in particular can be improved upon. Five Reasons Your Spa Needs Help From a Graphic Designer, is a valuable read. 

Another observation, is that despite cities going into lockdown and the global economy taking a nosedive during the current global pandemic, nature seems to continue as normal. All despite the constant demands we humans impose upon it. Therefore sustainability, like your business planning at this time, needs further consideration and exploration. We must take the task in hand, to reconstruct and adapt our spas towards a future which implores us to be more conscious. Enjoy the article, Sustainable Spas. 

It’s difficult to believe that we were all together just last month, at our largest networking event to date! The UKSA still offer assistance however, with the introduction of online Spa Directors Assemblies, and the addition of a Spa Suppliers Assembly that took place on Monday this week! As we celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the valuable Spa Directors Assembly, we also add to our offering and look forward to the launch of the Spa Suppliers Assembly also. 

Stay safe, strong & healthy. 

Juliet Wheater 
UKSA Launches SpaLine Online

We’d like to thank so many of you who have reached out to the UK Spa Association for support and guidance regarding this Coronavirus pandemic. We would like to reassure you that we are liaising with our industry partners and organisations to provide you with as much regularly updated information as possible. A dedicated Covid-19 section has been added to our website and Spa Line Online has been launched. Via this particular Spa Line Online page, we have set up freely accessible links (from industry to financial) to resources (such as business planning) to help you understand the conversations happening around COVID-19, as well as advice and suggestions to keep your mental health in check and to upskill should you choose, whilst staying at home.

These are very challenging times for the UK spa industry and we will do our utmost to help our members adapt to a rapidly changing landscape. A starting point, is our website article, Keep the Spa Goer Ignited by Showing Them How to Spa at Home/ Be the Visible Spa Expert Via Video.  

Let us think to the future, now is a great time to sensitively highlight the value of your spa brand, particularly your products and any online services in order to raise awareness for the future. It’s possible that as a result of this current crisis, there will be a reawakening and a consciousness of people, who become much more appreciative of the incredible work you do, as self-care, health and wellbeing become their priority.

We update and regularly add to these articles, quick links (includes: self-employment income support scheme) and resources (for example: How to Use Zoom) located in the dedicated Covid-19 section, so please do keep checking our website to keep informed. 


This too shall pass. 



Once again the UK Spa Association team smashed all previous attendance records at their completely sold out, highly successful, Spring Networking Event, held at Carden Park in Cheshire on 4th March, with additional opportunity for delegates to tour the opulent new £10 million spa. 

The UKSA events are increasingly gaining traction as the industry’s ‘must attend’ networking events; the spa professional gatherings where everyone ‘needs to be’ or seriously risk ‘missing out’, once again proved this, by being the largest one to date, despite fears that the Coronavirus outbreak could affect numbers. 

Carden Park welcomed guests, some who travelled from both Ireland and Scotland in order to attend, with a drinks reception and dinner, the evening prior. Well over x 200 senior level professionals and spa suppliers, enjoying the relaxed, social, yet educational format of the networking event, which took place the following day. A Spa Directors Assembly was also built into the schedule of the Spring Networking Event. 

Chairman, Adam Chatterley kicked off proceedings and was keen to remind the industry “that the UKSA board is made up of entirely of volunteers, who are extremely experienced and successful (therefore busy) business people in their own right, but who are passionate, driven and generous enough to put the time in to making this professional event, what it is”. Concluding with “and lets not make any bones about it. Our networking events these days, including today’s can easily rival any of the commercial trade events in terms of professionalism, quality (and with an average operator attendance of well over 40%) and ability to attract the most high profile, influential spa operators from around the UK. (In fact on the day over 87 UK spa operator sites were represented). Others were due to attend but unfortunately had to cancel due to corporate business travel lock down policies, due to the Coronavirus risk. However, I am pleased that we are also increasingly showcasing more and more exciting new brands to market, bringing real value to all our operators”. 

Our UKSA Spring Networking Event at Carden Park last month, was our largest event to date! We were delighted to have welcomed well over x 200 high quality spa operators and spa suppliers, to our 5th consecutive sold out event. 

The UKSA team were delighted to award our Outstanding Achievement Award to two deserving recipients, Amanda Winwood of Made for Life Organics and Made for Life Foundation as well as to Emma-Jane North, Spa Director of Wyboston Lakes Ltd for their outstanding contribution to the UK Spa industry. 

Adam went on to present the UKSA Outstanding Achievement Award, to two deserving recipients, Amanda Winwood of Made for Life Organics and Made for Life Foundation as well as to Emma-Jane North, Spa Director of Wyboston Lakes Ltd for their continued outstanding contribution to the UK Spa industry. 

The quality of high profile spa operators sites and senior decision makers, that were represented on the day was exceptional and included: Kholer Waters Spa & Fitness, Old Course Hotel, House of Daniel Thwaites, Gleneagles, Spa at Ye Olde Bell, Galgorm Spa & Golf Resort, Rockliffe Hall, Harbour Hotels, 3d Leisure, Whittlebury Park, Rudding Park, The Spa at South Lodge, Ringwood Hall Hotel & Spa, Verbena Spa, Armathwaite Hall Hotel & Spa, Ribby Hall, W London to name a few. 

Suppliers that supported the large event included: BC Softwear, Body Ballancer, CryoAction, Dermalogica, Elemental Herbology, Ellisons, Floreat, Gerrard International, Hydrafacial, Journey, Mavala, Murad, Oskia, Raised Spirit, Technogym, TempleSpa and Treatwell. 
By Hannah Charlesworth 

After a turbulent 2019 (and currently!) conversations surrounding the future of our planet have never felt more necessary. With the rise of young environmental activists such as Greta Thunberg, speaking out for the generation that will ultimately be the most affected by climate change, consumers are now becoming more aware of how dire the impact unsustainable lifestyles are having on our planet. 

This was further seen after the devastating events in Australia, whereby an estimated 500 million animals died as a result of the most horrendous fires the country had experienced, with suggestions that climate change was responsible for the long periods of droughts which allowed these fires to begin. 

It is of no surprise that, globally, changes are happening. Movements which lead to a more sustainable way of life, such as plastic-free lifestyles, and veganism, are taking off, and the younger generations are at the forefront of change with consumers being more aware of the environmental impact of their purchasing decisions. In a 2019 interview with Bonnie Baker, co-founder of Green Spa Network and Satteva Spa and Wellness Concepts, stated simply that; “Failure to stop both production and consumption will cause untold human suffering and condemn polar bears, coral, and other species to extinction. It’s everyone’s obligation to do something about it. Every business is responsible for the future of our environment and planet.” But what can the spa industry do to better their own sustainability? 

One simple way spas can encourage guests to have a more sustainable visit is through introducing more recycling points in communal areas, such as changing facilities. As suggested by ‘The Good Spa Guide’, the consumers attending spas now are . . .

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By Emma Clayton 

So you’ve got a terrific venue, you’ve got some great treatments and facilities - but what exactly does a graphic designer do, and why do you need one? As a professional graphic designer and self-confessed spa addict, allow me to enlighten you. 

Boiled down to its essence, graphic design is about problem solving and communication, using type and image. The best graphic designers will approach a challenge holistically, endeavour to understand your business completely, and help you to find a solution that resonates with you and your audience. If they’re really good, they’ll see things that you haven’t, and help you with those too. Five ways that a graphic designer can help you and your spa are below, in no particular order.

1. They don’t just do logos

How do you want people to see your spa? Your brand is not just your logo - it includes every single way you choose to present your business to the world, from the interior decor to the types of treatments you offer and products you use, to the tone of voice in your marketing materials. Do you want to be seen as knowledgeable and welcoming? Cutting edge and unusual? Premium and exclusive? Value for money and accessible? Your graphic designer will help you to communicate this clearly and consistently on a daily basis in everything you do. That in turn will help to grow your business and strengthen your reputation and relationships with guests, staff and suppliers.

2. They understand the importance of imagery
A picture tells a thousand words, but I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve come across spas and hotels that haven’t invested in their imagery, and it never fails to amaze me. It is infinitely harder to tempt potential guests into booking with you if they . . .

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Dates for your Diary . . .


Just this week we hosted our debut Spa Suppliers Assembly and it was a huge success. We will keep you updated on any future Supplier Assemblies . . . keep an eye on your inbox.

As we celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the highly successful Spa Directors Assembly, you can join us online for a second online session to collaborate with peers to share support and ideas. Monday 13th April. 

To participate please contact our General Manager, Helena Grzesk 

A Note from the Chair . . .
"It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life . . . and I'm feelin' good."
- Nina Simone 

Anxiety . . worry . . stress.

These are probably the emotions you're probably most familiar with most at the moment.

But how about hope, gratitude and opportunity.

It's easy to focus on the immediate, the issues and challenges right in front of you screaming in your face, but for generations now we've been told of a world of greed, of complacency, war, huger and need and while those things still exist, the situation we are in now has shown us once and for all that we really are a global community now, inextricably linked to every other person on the planet. I, for one, have hope that this whole situation finally brings the planet together to conquer not only this virus, but other problems that we must tackle together both now and in the future.

Let's talk abut gratitude, we have some of the most fearless warriors the world has ever seen in our NHS and many other key services that we have now come to rely on. Not only keep us healthy . . . but to simply allow us all to keep on living our lives. 

Has anyone noticed how many of the 'key workers' we are no so reliant on are some of the lowest paid people in the country. My hope is that once everything returns to normal, that injustice too is rectified.

But also I have gratitude for everything that we had all come to take so much for granted . . . being able to pop to that shop for that thing we need, ordering something on Amazon that arrives the next day. Seeing our families and meeting our friends after work . . . heck even just going to work. Let's never forget that this happened and when we can enjoy all those incredible freedoms again, we relish them rather than simply accepting them.

Finally opportunity. Now this one might need a bit more of a leap of faith right now, but one thing we know is that this situation is going to have a profound and long lasting effect on our lives, on our businesses, on the economy. 

Working practices have changed irrevocably, things probably won't go completely back to normal. Business may realise they don't need offices, workers may realise they don't need to travel, people may find new opportunities, new careers. Call me an optimist . . . but if you look for them there are many silver linings.

Ask yourself this question, how is your business going to be better on the other side of this, how are you going to change and grow? I think that's the way we need to be shifting our mindsets towards the situation.

Let's let go of what's not needed and embrace the essential, both in our daily lives and our spas.

Adam Chatterley
Chairman of the UK Spa Association