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March 2019
Welcome to the March edition of Spa Voice . . .

Voting seems to be in the air at the moment. The UK Spa Association has voted in brand new board to head up our exciting and expanding work streams. We'd like to  thank Charlie Thompson for all his incredible hard work over the past 7 years and we welcome Lisa Barden moving into the position of Chair, supported by Adam Chatterley in the position of Vice Chair. 

With all the changes and developments happening in the Spa industry we continually aim to raise standards, with short, medium and long-term strategies for all professionals within the Health and Wellness Industry.
Keep well.
Julia Leone
Spa Voice Editor

p.s. don’t forget your mother’s day promotion for March

Embracing the Generational Change: Keeping the Industry Alive

Today, in 2019; where the main workforce is millennials, and Generation Z starting to filter into the mix, it is important that employers understand the generational differences between them and generations prior. 

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, millennials and generation Z have learned how to adapt to the fast-paced change. Not only do they expect change, but they make change occur by being the driving force behind technology advances as the consumers demanding them. This can be an extremely beneficial quality of an employee as their innate ability to adapt to change so quickly enables the company they work for to keep up with technological evolution, therefore allowing them more flexibility and better communication in most cases.

Whilst this may be a beneficial quality for various reasons, it could also be a hindrance when the individual goes from being ‘tech-savvy’ to too dependent on their devices, especially in the spa industry or alike as they are guest facing industries. Research shows1that 53% of millennials would rather lose their . . .


Eco Spas: is it worth investing in ecology?
by Brigita Kliucinskaite

Living in 2019 is as exciting as it is challenging. The climate change, limited resources and an increasing pressure from today’s millennial society, forces businesses to rethink their strategies and actually ask themselves the question: Is it worth going green? Of course, as the customer is the centre of the spa industry, the real question here is whether the customer appreciates spas being ecological. 

Do customers actually care about being green?

Not surprisingly, together with a common sense that we must preserve the earth, there are various studies confirming customers actually care. The international study performed significantly outlines that even 95% of individuals feel personally concerned about saving the environment. A study found that only a small group of individuals agreed to paying a 5% premium for . . . . 


The healing power of nature
by Aija Rozenberga

Many of us have a special memory we treasure from time spent outdoors. Perhaps that was a moment when you climbed that mountain with a gentle breeze rustling in your hair and watched the sunset at the summit paint the sky in vibrant colours. Or a warm summer day when you experienced swimming in a remote lake for the first time?

It could be a memory about time spent camping, or in meaningful conversations with friends, whilst immersed in the warm glow radiating from a log fire. Maybe after dancing all night at an outdoor festival, you walked barefoot in the green, lush forest moss and your soul was singing because of a revelation - you are never truly alone. You belong. You are part of nature.

Arguably, intuitive knowledge about nature having a healing effect is as old as humanity itself. However, only in the past decades of solid scientific evidence, have various benefits of . . .

It's a green beauty revolution!
by Lloyd Barker
There's been a major shift happening in the beauty industry. Not only are beauty brands stripping out potentially harmful ingredients, millennials, in particular, are demanding cleaner makeup and skin-care alternatives. Kline (US Health & Beauty Market Analysis) for example, predicts the natural cosmetics and skincare market will hit $50 billion this year (2019). 

Although natural beauty brands are nothing new, many of the best-known natural personal care brands — like Burt’s Bees, The Body Shop and Aveda — were founded over 25 years ago. Following the ban on micro-beads, beauty brands are really lifting the lid on natural, organic and eco-friendly products. 

An increase in customer awareness of the chemicals used in everyday cosmetics is the primary driver of the growth of the natural beauty market. “Two decades ago there was very little information,” says Lloyd Baker, MD of Cozmetica, the sole UK distributor for prestigious spa brand GAYLIA KRISTENSEN, it’s USP being the combination of science with . . .

The future of Health & Wellbeing is in Our Own Hands . . 

And Relax... We've made it!

by Christine-Alice Hartigan

We are one quarter way through 2019, WE HAVE MADE IT! 

It is March and spring time is here! We have hopefully all recovered from the financial stresses from Christmas and, if you’ve been following the tips from January and February blogs, you will have made some significant changes to your lifestyle - the January Detox completed and February daily exercise routine implemented. 

So, this month, what could possibly be the topic for discussion…what is the missing link? 


You guessed it!  Mindfulness and Relaxation

This month I want to talk about stress, the affect it has on our bodies and to give you some vital tips on how to manage it. I’ll talk particularly about the stress hormone Cortisol – what causes an increase in Cortisol release and the serious impact on us when it does.  

These days….WE ARE 24/7 BUSY with the pressure of managing the ‘ideal world’ we have created for ourselves. On a typical day ...we are constantly checking our finances, focused on making . . .

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UK Spa Association - Spa Director Assemblies 

Scotland Wednesday 6th March, 13:00pm-15:00pm at Blythswood Square, Glasgow
London - Wednesday 13th March, 16:30pm-18:30pm at Jumeirah Carlton Tower
South West - Tuesday 26th March, 15:00-17:00pm at Boringdon Hall, Plymouth
National - Monday 20th May 14:00-15:30pm at NEC, Birmingham
Spa Director Assemblies are by invitation only, for more information email

UK Spa Association Networking events:

Spring Event - 3rd April at Rudding Park, Harrogate

Limited places available.
Reserve tickets for the Rudding Park Networking event here:


Note: Rudding Park have very generously offered a special room rate for any UK Spa Association member attending the event for the 2nd and 3rd April. To make a booking online, simply use the code UKSPAR19 or click this link: UKSPARP19

You can choose to stay in a:-
Ribston Room for £99 Bed and Breakfast 
FF Room for £129 Bed and Breakfast

There are a limited number of bedrooms available at this rate and prepayment is asked for at the time of booking. Any rooms not booked will be automatically released on the 6th March 2019

Summer Event - 16th September at South Lodge,
Horsham, West Sussex

Upcoming Industry Events for 2019
  • UK Spa Association Spring Networking Day - 3rd April (Rudding Park, Harrogate)
  • Wellness Collective Event's European Networking event - 24th - 27th April (Sicily)
  • Beauty UK 19th and 20th May 2019 (Birmingham NEC)

Dates for Spa Life International Conventions 2019
·       Ireland - 13th - 14th May
·       Germany: 4th - 5th June
·       UK: 11th - 12th November

A Note From The Chair . . .

“Setting up the UK Spa Association in 2013, I honestly did not know if the industry wanted a central trade body, but I felt strongly that the overall fragmentation and entrepreneurial nature of spa & salon needed ‘One Voice’.  It was already a mantra, and I am delighted that it has become reality.  From 20 spas, up to over 400 and growing, we never cease to press forward, and I am proud to have worked with so many talented Board Members who have also offered their time for free for the benefit of the masses.
As I handover to Lisa Barden as our new Chair, Adam Chatterley as Vice-Chair and the 13 new Board Members, the future looks bright.  Really bright.  If you are reading this, you may well be a member, so thank you for helping, and I would encourage you to press your colleagues to do the same.
It is a testimony to our industry that we can attract such passionate people, and the 5 General Managers I have worked with have delivered the promise.  Thanks especially to Jacqui Lee, Lisa again (!), Helena Field and our current dynamo Helena Grzesk all of whom delivered beyond the job description.
My own time is now redirected to my own business, and I look forward to seeing you at the events, or on the benchmarking systems, or during National Spa Week, or as part of our new ‘Work for Wellness’ campaign – keep close to us for news, and let’s grow our industry with More People in More Spas, More Often!”

Charlie Thompson
UKSA Chair

If you haven’t already, make sure you check out our new look website here to find out more about our strategic priorities.