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Lumity – Why Supermodel Helena Christensen loves Lumity

Lumity – Why Supermodel Helena Christensen loves LumityOur lives are now busier and more stressful than ever. With so much going on it’s key to remember to relax.When Helena Christensen was shopping at Harrods department store in London, something caught her eye – Lumity’s healthy beauty supplements. She had heard about them working wonders for ski
 ‘The future of Health and Wellbeing is in our own hands’ Written by Christine-Alice Hartigan  We are one quarter way through 2019, WE HAVE MADE IT! It is March and sprin
Written by Lloyd Barker There's been a major shift happening in the beauty industry. Not only are beauty brands stripping out potentially harmful ingredients, millennials, in particular, are 
Written By Aija Rozenberga - University of Derby Many of us have a special memory we treasure from time spent outdoors. Perhaps that was a moment when you climbed that mountain with a gentle bree
Written by Brigita Kliucinskaite - University of Derby Living in 2019 is as exciting as it is challenging. The climate change, limited resources and an increasingpressure from today’s m
 Written by Hannah Briggs - University of Derby Today, in 2019; where the main workforce is millennials, and Generation Z starting to filter into the mix, it is important that employers unde
 10 ways to integrate exercise into your day Our bodies have been designed to move. Functional body movements which allow us to walk, to climb, to pick things up are integral to our day. Ina
When it was announced at the Spa Life UK Convention in November that a new Active Spa membership with the UK Spa Association (UKSA) and ukactive was being launched, the overriding response from spa op
Have You Got Your Therapists Back?The Spa and Wellness industry has exploded tenfold over the last few years with more and more sites being built almost every month not only in the UK but worldwide.Th