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The Importance of the Guest Journey

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We understand how busy life can be; late nights, long days, early starts. Adding to this, the pressures from a shortage of spa therapists and the operational strains of running a demanding spa. Sometimes it can all get TOO MUCH and we can easily forget the importance of the guest journey; the little touches of excellence that go a long way.

At Temple Spa, we are not happy if the client is just satisfied, we want to exceed their expectations every time they give us their time to make them feel better in whatever way that can be achieved. We want to captivate them the minute they walk in the door and do everything we can to make their whole experience outstanding. 

Temple Spa really believe in providing Spa Managers and Therapists with the knowledge and advice you need to give exceptional treatments and customer care so that the customer has the best experience, with tailor-made solutions to suit their individual skin and wellbeing needs. 

Follow our “6 steps to excellence” journey to really ‘wow’ your guests and keep them retuning again & again: 

  1. A warm welcome

Smile, lookup, make eye contact and welcome the guest with a genuinely warm greeting. From the first point of contact you should make your guest feel at ease. Introduce yourself and confirm the guest’s booking details with confidence. Guide the guest through the spa, walk alongside them, make them feel at home. 

  1. Consultation & Planting The Seed

The consultation card is a powerful and essential tool for the therapist. It is one of the most accurate ways of customizing the treatment so that the client gets the maximum benefit and provides vital information for effective marketing. It is also the opportunity to plant the seed before the treatment; listen to your customers skin & wellbeing needs and remember them. Let them know what product you are going to use. 

TIP: Remember to take your time, bespoke the consultation to every customer and thoroughly cover everything!  Learn to understand the consultation card and use it each and every time the client visits the spa.

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  1. Treatment Wow’s

Having a treatment is not just about lying on a couch being massaged or getting a facial, it is about the whole experience from the moment the client walks into the treatment room. We have a full professional Spa menu, offering results driven and completely unique treatments using Temple Spa products. Our exclusive protocols are written and trained to include touches of excellence and care throughout which guarantee your customer receives an experience they will always remember and very importantly delivers the result they are looking for and come back for time and time again.

Within every Temple Spa treatment is our signature opening & closing rituals; a small collection of the most beautiful movements that relax the client before the treatment begins, gain confidence between the therapist and the client, dictates the speed of the treatment and give the client a total experience. Some call it ‘a treatment within a treatment’! 

  1. Edible Aromatherapy

As a brand inspired by the rich culture, scenery and cuisine of the Mediterranean, and the fact that everyone who works for Temple Spa are real foodies, we like to think we’re experts in this area. Herbal tea, basil sorbet, lavender cookies are just some of the ‘edible aromatherapy’ that surprise and delight guests and exceed their expectations.  

Temple Spa Edible Aromatherapy

  1. Prescription

The care and attention given at the end of the treatment is as important as the rest of the experience. A good prescription is completely bespoke to each and every customer. Remember to make observations and address the customers concerns, suggesting Temple Spa products that can help with these concerns. It is good practice to recommend 2 or 3 products, holding them, passing them to the client if possible and encouraging them to smell/ try them. It is a good idea to point out the retail area or to show them where it is. Beautiful merchandising is essential, be proud of your retail display; make sure it’s clean and tidy and oh so inviting. 

  1. Departure 

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Is the guest leaving feeling totally chilled out? Have their skin and wellness needs been met? Make yourself a checklist for every customer to ensure that they leave your spa feeling incredible.


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