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National Mental Health Day 10th October 2019 

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National Mental Health Day 10th October 2019 

By Sam Pearce 


LOW EARS -  accredited endorsed course designed specifically to safeguard our own mental well-being - hoping for ‘Lobal Domination’ 


The first of it’s kind being introduced into the beauty industry, Sam Pearce, creator and founder of the Potting Shed Spa believes that this qualification will bring much-needed support and a specific skill set to those keeping the cogs of the beauty industry working.    

As an ambassador for the beauty industry and a champion for advocating and addressing correct mental health practice within the beauty industry -  Sam had an epiphany,  ‘going through a challenging incident that not only threatened the future of her business but more importantly the impact on her own mental health - I couldn’t explain to anyone how I was feeling, the only comparison I could give was my dachshund puppy who when confused, unhappy, sad, couldn’t vocalise it - she showed me - her ears went low, so I knew she needed me to help her.  This is where this initiative was born, sometimes things are just too hard to explain, a symbol or sign can be enough’.

Our industry has every ‘qualification’ under the sun to provide a ‘service’ - what isn’t available,  is any specific qualification to ensure you are committed or have the correct skill-set to understand your own mental health and that of your team.   I am so passionate about our industry, but I fear we are a little broken in terms of reading the warning signs before it all becomes overwhelming, resulting in burn out and then it’s too late.  I speak from experience and particularly self-employed workers in this sector, what do you do when it becomes unmanageable, who is looking after you? Who do you turn to?   

Working unrealistic hours is now the norm, with little or no regard for their own mental health and well-being, unsociable hours and continually compromising.     Our entire industry is based on making everyone else feel better - whilst the people that have chosen this vocation are expected to provide an unconditional service, not just what the client is paying for, but to ‘lend an ear’ , counsellors have a mediator to assist them, this should be common practice for therapists.   Our schedules include absolutely everyone except us. 

Running on empty, angry, resentful and showing signs of dis-ease - creates the perfect storm, financial pressures, competitors opening up threatening your livelihood,  all create an unspoken agreement that we are all superhuman and have limitless energy and the mental capacity to deal with all this.  Living in fear a lot of the time,  we are compromising our own self worth and mental health to just keep going, often ignoring the warnings signs, we seem to nurture and nourish everyone else without considering our own needs.    Studies show the cases of depression due to lack of Vitamin D (the happy hormone) due to working in dark environments are at an unprecedented level - is anyone ensuring they themselves are getting out of that environment for fresh air and/or their team, this is a basic, fundamental requirement to survive. 

Combing groundbreaking methods in the definition of terminology,  CBT practice, mindfulness, nutritional advise as well as access to an outstanding online counselling service.  This qualification will allow you access to methods of practice designed to protect you and it has to be available to everyone working in this industry, every energetic interaction costs you on some level.  This is the best investment you will ever make, how can you put a price on your own worth.   One promise we make to you is the confidential aspect, trust is absolutely critical in this process, however having access to the right person will allow recovery without exposure.  The initiative will ensure there are regular ‘check-ins’,  an MOT - Mental. Observation. Timetabled, we unravel the complexities of the jargon and simplify and teach the methods.

This is a symbol of hope and a pledge you have made to yourself your team and your clients that you feel you are worth investing in.

Allow a future employee to have the relevant skills to screen potential staff for any signs without challenging them.

If it costs you your peace - it’s too expensive 

Talking about the mental health crisis isn’t enough, we need to do something about it, now, this qualification can be life-saving and life-changing.

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