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Iiaa - Feed, Fortify and Finish - Empowering Skincare Professionals


Iiaa - Feed, Fortify and Finish - Empowering Skincare Professionals


The International Institute for Anti-Ageing (iiaa) is an organisation founded on core values of integrity, efficacy and innovation to empower skincare professionals to achieve the best results for their clients. 

The value proposition is based on a 3 step philosophy of Feed, Fortify and Finish which is achieved through the provision of intelligent skin solutions, treatment skills and resource to deliver real results for discerning clients. At the forefront of a fast-moving industry, the iiaa has built its market reputation by supplying exceptional products and  a commitment to long-term education that ensures confidence, relevance, compliance and value added cutting-edge treatment techniques to it’s network of salon professionals.

Now, in operation for over 25 years, the iiaa is a recognised leader in the field, supplying thousands of salons and skin treatment centres in the UK and Ireland with brands and services that deliver results and guarantees to challenge the boundaries of professional beauty. These brands are Advanced Nutrition Programme™( FEED) Environ® skin care ( FORTIFY) and jane iredale® (FINISH) natural cosmetics. All have sound, scientific basis and achieve incredible, proven results through  a programmatic approach to working with the individual physiology of the skin to achieve maximum long term benefits:

The Advanced Nutrition Programme™ helps to nourish the skin from within, Environ® dramatically improves the quality of the skin which in turn creates the perfect canvas for jane iredale® mineral cosmetics, which not only provide the highest quality of coverage to enhance and protect but also continue to care for the skin on application. 

The iiaa further ensures the integrity of its skin optimisation goal with a dedicated Research Centre for Skin Health. The centre is equipped with the gold standard in skin analysis equipment, used in R&D departments of cosmetic and pharmaceutical organisations, independent testing laboratories and in fundamental dermatological research centres worldwide.  Equipment in the new iiaa Research Centre measures skin hydration, elasticity and Trans-epidermal Water Loss (TEWL) as well as other indispensable parameters for the evaluation of various functions of the skin.

We experiment, we are creative, we appreciate all things that innovate and transform. Established, knowledgeable, inquisitive and trusted to deliver quality skin solutions, we continuously seek to improve customer experience and won’t rest until they’re happy. We thrive on the science behind skincare products, believe in efficacy and act with integrity to de-myth stereotypes. The iiaa knows sustainable beauty is not only about the visible, but about reinforcing beauty from the inside out. We know beauty is a lifestyle choice and our Feed, Fortify and Finish philosophy is about true skin potential, irrespective of age or gender.

iiaa, led by co-founders David Alpert and Tracy Tamaris strongly believe in working with skincare professionals not just to assure quality skincare health results but also to help  build sustainable business for the long term.  


Each iiaa customer is supported by an experienced Keep in Touch team that ensure stock and in-salon merchandising is supplied efficiently.  A tiered level of account management including Business Development Consultants who offer mini on-site product and client consultancy sessions as well as new business events is made available together with a world class reward and recognition programme.  We celebrate achievement with our annual Salon of the Year Award initiative and use an annual Customer Satisfaction survey to help set our agenda for future growth.

Our brand training is considered best in class and is offered across 5 training centres in the UK and Ireland.

iiaa is a member of the Beauty Companies Association (BCA), which aims to continually help to develop the direction of the beauty industry by helping to de-myth stereotypes associated with the beauty industry.

iiaa was the first to market with innovations including:

  • Skin specific supplements. A dedicated range, Advanced Nutrition Programme to address specific skin concerns as opposed to most other ranges that address general well-being
  • Patented, award winning and globally distributed DIM based formulation to help address problematic skin ( Skin Accumax)
  • Environ® into the UK and Ireland, the first brand to offer skin-enhancing vitamin A and essential nutrients at the core of its range with a programmatic step up system to provide long term skin-care efficacy
  • Natural, clean, skincare makeup from jane iredale® that protects, enhances and delivers 4 in 1 benefits across its core foundation range ( coverage, concealer, SPF, active skincare benefits)
  • Feed, Fortify, Finish™ philosophy to guide 360 degree skin care
  • Skin analysis events to understand skin at the core
  • In-salon events and in-salon makeup artists
  • The largest network of dedicated training centres to ensure iiaa certified salons and Beauty Practitioners are fully educated and informed in brands and treatment principles
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