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Behind every great spa is a great team of suppliers. Whether you’re embarking on a major refit or hoping to make some minor improvements. Ellisons will provide unrivalled service, expert advice and a seamless experience for every client.

In the world of wellness and spa it is important to keep up-to-date with all the latest equipment and techniques to keep your therapists working comfortably and efficiently.

With so many spas offering similar brands and treatment menus, we identified the opportunity to provide spas with signature treatment options enabling them to differentiate their offering and improve operating margins.

Ellisons continue to launch innovative treatments and other protocols which enhance our positioning as beauty industry innovators and during the UKSA events, the Spa Partner team will be demonstrating the treatment launches to support the wellbeing of spa therapists and whilst we can't eliminate therapists having to use their hands, we can minimise injury and unnecessary strain by ensuring we provide the best tools for your therapists. We believe it is paramount to maintain the health and well-being of all therapists as they are the backbone to offering professional massage treatments.

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Wavestone is the tool that is changing the world of massage treatments for spa professionals. Wavestone can be used within deep tissue massage, reflexology, aromatherapy and sports therapy. This innovative massage service can be introduced as an upgrade for existing treatments or as a stand-alone treatment.

Wavestone provides a deep massage for your clients while reducing stress and strain on therapist’s thumbs, hands, wrists and arms which helps to reduce the possibility of repetitive stress injury. The Wavestone provides protection for therapists, without limiting the feel for the treatments they offer, therefore prolonging careers and allowing them to work more efficiently.


Thai massage provides a multi-sensory journey for your client. You can create an individual experience by allowing them to select their preferred massage oil from two classic blends; a warm and spicy aroma or an exotic floral fragrance. We offer a range of Thai compresses from rice to herb depending on your desired result. Our Thai herb compresses are filled with 17 carefully chosen traditional herbs that will stimulate your client’s senses and help to create an ambience to help soothe the soul.

For your therapists, compresses offer the benefit of taking away the repetitive pressure from hands and wrists.


A massage delivering stress relief, muscle strengthening, lymph drainage and reactivating circulation. This powerful massage technique, using silky bamboo canes, delivers a truly unique massage unlike any your clients will have ever experienced before.

Using the bamboo sticks help to minimise stress on the therapist’s arms, hands and fingers without hindering the performance and effectiveness.

The use of bamboo sticks helps to apply the desired pressure without the therapist over-straining, thereby relieving them of short- or long-term injury.  Whilst using the bamboo sticks, there is no loss of range of motion as the stick's essentially act as an extension of the arms, hands and fingers.

Spa partner team

Ellisons knowledgeable spa partner team are on hand to offer advice and guidance, from project management to introducing new products and treatments, we will help you maximise business opportunities. We aim for excellence and work hard to support your vision; getting to know exactly what you need and how we can best support you. In that our mission is to create a calming and comfortable working environment as our therapists deserve to feel valued.

We go beyond offering the products to support spa treatments by coordinating and satisfying single and multisite training needs across the UK, ensuring your therapists can perform treatments consistently and confidently. Training is available for core spa treatments including Thai, Stone and Bamboo massage and for brands we distribute exclusively.

Here at Ellisons, we offer everything you need to deliver your treatment menu. From the essential tools required to perform the treatment through to validated training, our team can help you develop these treatment areas.