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“Cryotherapy - The Hottest and Coolest Trend In Wellness’

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“Cryotherapy - The Hottest and Coolest Trend In Wellness’

Cryotherapy is the hottest trend in wellness, with the market for our products growing at nearly 10% per annum. Demand exceeds supply as more wellness aficionados see celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, Daniel Craig and many more, taking cryotherapy as part of their daily routines. As a result, we receive enquiries daily from interested parties. Spas have an opportunity to open up a valuable revenue stream.   


Cryotherapy is a simple 3 minute experience, delivering so many positive benefits to wellbeing. The client enters our unit, stands and listens to their pre-selected music and at the end of the 3 minutes, exits. While in the cryotherapy unit, their body undergoes physiological changes with inflammation and puffiness being reduced, blood being cleansed and enzyme enriched, any pain they may be feeling being reduced. Post-session, they feel an endorphin rush, as well as an upswing in positivity and relaxation. Sleep is improved as stress levels are reduced. An overall wellness treat!

Choosing the right cryotherapy partner and equipment is vitally important for any spa. The wrong choice can lead to damage to both the reputation of your spa and, at worst, be positively dangerous to your clients.

Many readers will have seen pictures of people using cryosaunas, the open tubs filled with smoky gases up to the neck. The gas is actually liquid nitrogen in vapour form, with the gas being directly inserted into the area where the client is standing. At the lip of the cryosauna, the oxygen level if 0%! As such, cryosaunas have the potential to asphyxiate not only the user but also the operator in the room. For this reason, the major gas companies in the UK refuse to supply gas to cryosaunas and purchasers have been left with redundant equipment having made bad choices.

CryoAction is a UK based company who specialise in cryotherapy. With a team possessing over 200 years in cryotherapy, we are one of a few companies to design, manufacture, install and service our own equipment. We are trusted by a range of leading organisations such as Premier League football teams, gyms, hotels and spas across Europe.

Our latest chamber, CryoSolo is the product of over 3 years of research and development and has been designed with the spa industry in mind. The units can be standalone or built into the existing façade of the facility. The outer enclosure can be colour matched to the theme of your spa. Combining elegance and functionality, CryoSolo will look good in a day spa or a major spa development.

CryoAction equipment is safety certified with approval from the gas companies. Our units use an indirect system, not unlike a central heating system where liquid nitrogen cools the air inside the unit and at no time does the user come into contact with harmful gases. 

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