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Christmas Gift Cards

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The Holidays are a magical time for sharing heartfelt wishes with friends and family, gifting presents and enjoying the sound of Christmas carols and the smell of warm gingerbread. However, for spa owners, the Holidays tend to be far more hectic. Throughout most of December, spas are overflowing with appointments, supplies are flying off the shelves and there is hardly any time to exchange warm wishes with every customer.

By now, your spa is already looking festive - the Christmas tree is up, ribbons and baubles are hanging in the windows and Holiday music is playing all day. But when you think about it, your competition is doing the same. What can you do to create a more unique Holiday experience for your spa customers?

The answer is simple - offer festive gift cards. The Versum team has designed a set of ornate, festive-themed gift vouchers, which you can print out and offer to your clients. Besides spreading Holiday cheer, here are some of the benefits you can expect to see from offering them at your spa:

Increased sales

Did you know? Gift cards are one of the most popular stocking stuffers people purchase for their close ones during the Holiday season - and with a colourful and festive design, who can resist getting one? For the undecided present buyer, not knowing what to get for their close one is not a problem, since gift cards can be utilised for any product or service the owner desires. Offering an elegantly designed card at your spa is the safest bet!

Welcoming new customers

More often than not, your loyal customers buy gift cards for their friends and family, who may or may not have paid a visit to your business in the past. However, it is thanks to their purchase that you gain new clients who will book a service at your spa in order to utilise their gift card. If the client is satisfied with their new look and feels great after their initial service, chances are you have gained a loyal customer who will recommend your spa to others as well!

Easy gift card management

Aside from increased sales and the number of new customers, managing your gift cards and revenue gained from them is streamlined with the help of Versum, spa software. The program keeps track of all of the active gift cards and details pertaining to them, such as the employee who sold it, the remaining balance and the client who owns it. Additionally, you have the option of creating an expiration date on your gift cards in order to encourage clients to utilise sooner!

Simply download the files, print out your cards and fill the information in by hand! Turn a regular visit at your spa into something memorable - give clients the perfect festive present that they will love. Spread the Holiday cheer with Versum!

Download your free gift card templates here.

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