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‘Being the change we want to see in the world’

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 ‘Being the change we want to see in the world’

BC Softwear was established in 2002 by Barbara Cooke who is Managing Director and founder. Since launch, BC Softwear has committed to developing products that are designed for quality and made to last. The company has a philosophy that promises never to follow fads or fashions, and only manufacturer products that fit a customer need; designed and tested for performance, in a commercial capacity before launch.  




Interesting to know that BC Softwear collaborates with their manufacturer and partner in Turkey, using environmentally friendly technologies with the aim of reducing harm to environment. By investing in installing solar power plants on fields and factory roofs, the Turkish factory uses its own clean energy to produce textiles and prevents natural gas consumption of 2.465.223 m3 yearly by using clean energy produced from the solar power plants. These solar plants prevent 20.000 tons of CO2 emission. In addition, 1,430,727 trees have been provided through the value of the energy raised by the solar power plants, and therefore, by replanting of 28,000,000 square meters area (an area larger than 8 times Central Park) the company has contributed to the protection of wildlife and the local habitat.

Barbara continuously pushes her R&D team to develop longer lasting, performance enhanced towels and bathrobes with energy saving in mind: ‘Supremesoft’ is a fabric developed by BC Softwear used in the manufacturer of towels and bathrobes specifically for their energy saving properties. The fabric is made from a luxury 55% polyester fleece on one side, and 45% absorbent cotton on the other side, woven into a single fabric. This material has been proven to have outstanding savings, both in laundry drying times and energy savings and in longevity.

After Multiple washes no visible signs of wear* 

In controlled tests less than 2.1% shrinkage compared to other towels*

Dries on average 31% faster than cotton towelling bathrobe*

70% more load capacity in the dryer with Supremesoft*

70% of drying time energy required over a traditional towelling bathrobe*

* Source Independent report from LCT


Cleaner Seas Project


In September 2018, Barbara made a Pledge to the Cleaner Seas Project

to demonstrate the company’s commitment to the environment. The company committed to remove plastic packaging from the slippers and flip flops which have been wrapped individually in a clear plastic bag.

This initiative will reduce the amount of plastic by 50 tonnes per annum. This significant shift in packaging presentation has not been without difficulties or cost and the company has had to provide a solution for housekeepers to demonstrate to guests that the slippers were new and unworn* see leaflet attached.

The project has been widely supported but change is not always welcome, and the customer services team have been required to discuss this change with each individual customer and seek their agreement.

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2019 Project Flip don’t Flop -on-going project

Demonstrating the effort for corporate social responsibility and leading by example to promote recycling, Barbara has also instigated a plan to recycle flip flops. The company supplies over 2 million pairs of flip flops to hotels and spas each year and this year BC Softwear intends to find a method of recycling this product to help reduce landfill and continue to set the standard for the industry to follow. This project is proving more difficult than planned to get off the ground says Barbara – we have plenty of enthusiasm from many clients, but we are still working out how to get them transported to the recycling operation in Kenya #flipdontflop


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