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7 Ways to Prioritise your Mental Health with Oskia

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Navigating mental wellbeing can be challenging, particularly after the tumultuous year we have had. Here at OSKIA we strongly believe in the importance of self-care and
feel that it is now more important than ever to reconnect and start looking after ourselves.

In light of Mental Health we have put together our top tips and resources to help you prioritise your mental wellbeing.

1. Start practising self-love. Mental wellness starts with you, so showing yourself compassion and kindness has proven benefits to help improve your state of mind.

2. Mindful morning routines. Mindful morning routines can encourage presence and grounded living. Some of the most successful people in the world follow early morning routines; Oprah, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and Mark Wahlberg to name a few. 

3. Just keep breathing. One of the key places to focus your attention is on your breath. Body scanning, box breathing and alternate nostril breathing are just a few examples of anxiety soothing practices.

4. Meditation, a simple way to reduce stress & anxiety. Guided meditation can help to peacefully train your mind, to keep your distance and stop interacting with negative thoughts.

5. Make time for self-care. Creating time to look after yourself, even if it's just 5 minutes is crucial to promoting your physical, mental, and emotional health. Whether that's a walk or treating yourself after a long day to a hot bath and face mask, make sure you schedule the time in.

6. Do not underestimate the importance of sleep. Sleep is essential to every process in the body and allows us to recover from the mental and physical exertions of the day. Disrupted sleep can affect mood, energy levels, concentration, our ability to fight disease, metabolism and general function day-to-day, so it is crucial to try get at least 7 hours a night.

7. Eat for happiness. Did you know that certain foods can boost vour serotonin levels? Chilli, raw pumpkin seeds, raw spinach, sesame seeds, bananas, raw dried dates, watercress, cacao and red grapes are just a few of the foods that can boost serotonin, the 'happiness' chemical and natural mood

We have developed an at-home de-stress facial routine that you can do to help reduce anxiety and those stress levels: 

 Watch the video, click here





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Wednesday, 28 February 2024

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