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Spotlight On - Grantley Hall, Three Graces Spa

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Tell us a bit about who you are, your company, and your role.

I am Rebecca Doyle, Head of Spa and Wellness at Grantley hall, and I began my spa management career about a decade ago. I’ve been skilled at bringing people together and working towards common goals. My experience successfully leading teams and managing spa led me to Grantley Hall, and I’ve been building a team based on leadership and growth; a happy team will always be a winning team.

What do you offer mental health for the spa and wellness sector?

Time spent in a spa for personal reflection will do wonders for our state of mind. Spa treatments may help you relax and unwind after a long week, reducing feelings of stress and low mental health.

At the three graces spa, we offer massage, and it is essential to note that massage treatment can decrease the stress hormone cortisol by up to fifty per cent. In addition, massage also improves the body's serotonin and dopamine synthesis. Both are mood-regulating neurotransmitters that deliver a natural "feel-good" boost. We also use special essential oils with the designed befits of uplifting moods.

As part of the spa experience, we offer yoga in our Elite gym, emphasising a focus on the present. In addition, meditation helps boost activity in the frontal lobe, which enhances positive emotions.

Tell us about your latest team focus and how this fits with mental health. 

It is important to understand mental well-being is a part of everyday life for all, and it’s easy to get caught up with work, relationships, friends, and family. My team needs to understand that we all have bad days, and we need to encourage open conversations, recognise when bad days become bad weeks, and take action to support teams and individuals.

What would your one piece of advice be for anyone wanting to introduce mental health practices to their spa teams?

I no longer discuss mental health as a taboo within the spa but speak openly about it with the team. This experience has taught me that addressing the team's mental health difficulties allows me to demonstrate to employees that I am paying attention to an individual in my team. Recognising the team as individuals and understanding their everyday needs is also important. For instance, I have some team members who work better by having a quick chat with me each day, and I must give them that time to be heard; in the long run, I get much better productivity from them that day, and they have felt heard.


Grantley Hall - Three Graces Spa



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Wednesday, 28 February 2024

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