Courtesy of Weavers’ House Spa- The Swan Hotel- Lavenham
Courtesy of the Lifehouse Hotel & Spa, Essex
Courtesy of The Gaia Spa, Boringdom, Devon
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In order to drive significant growth for our industry, we need to raise public awareness of the many benefits that we offer.

For too long we've been viewed as a rather elitist industry, that is considered a 'once in a blue moon' luxury treat rather than an every day health and emotional wellbeing essential.

We want the UK public to recognise that  regular spa attendance and spa treatments are as important to the nations physical, mental and emotional health as regular gym attendance.

Public campaigning is an essential part of the work that the UKSA does on behalf of you and the wider industry. That said, we would urge all our members to get involved in our campaigns, as the more operators we have working together, the bigger the impact on the public will be!

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