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The Team & The Board

Our board members give their time freely to help steer the UK Spa Association in the direction of our mission and to ensure we are always staying true to our vision.

Made up of key industry figures with a wealth of experince both individually and as a collective the board positions are voted by members at the AGM, which was most recently held in February 2019.

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The Board

Adam Chatterley
Adam ChatterleyChair
Emma Pridding
Emma PriddingBenchmarking
Mark Perkins
Mark PerkinsWork for Wellness
Christine Alice Hartigan
Christine Alice HartiganVice Chair
Paolo Andrea Della Fina
Paolo Andrea Della FinaEvents
Pamela Griffin
Pamela GriffinWork for Wellness
Clare Dickens
Clare DickensCommunications
Stacey Moore
Stacey MooreEvents
Abi Selby
Abi SelbyWork for Wellness
Jean-Paul Blissett
Jean-Paul BlissettCommunications
Yvonne Ebdon
Yvonne EbdonBenchmarking

The Team

Helena Grzesk
Helena GrzeskGeneral Manager
Naomi Chatterley
Naomi Chatterley Digital Marketing and sponsorship
Juliet Wheater
Juliet Wheater Communications Manager